ENAM 0175

Structure of Poetry

The Structure of Poetry
This course is a workshop for beginning students in the field of creative writing. Students will read a selection of poems each week and write their own poems, producing a portfolio of their work at the end of the term. There will be an emphasis on revision. Students will be introduced to a range of forms as well, including prose poems, epistles, the tanka, the long poem, and the sonnet.
English & American Literatures
English & American Literatures
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ENGL 0175


Spring 2012

ENAM0175A-S12 Lecture (Parini)

Winter 2012

ENAM0175A-W12 Lecture (Gottshall)

Fall 2011

ENAM0175A-F11 Lecture (Gottshall)

Winter 2011

ENAM0175A-W11 Lecture (Ackerson-Kiely)

Fall 2010

ENAM0175A-F10 Lecture (Parini)

Spring 2010

ENAM0175A-S10 Lecture (Barber)

Winter 2010

ENAM0175A-W10 Lecture (Gottshall)

Fall 2009

ENAM0175A-F09 Lecture (Parini)

Spring 2009

ENAM0175A-S09 Lecture (Bates)

Winter 2009

ENAM0175A-W09 Lecture (Gottshall)

Fall 2008

ENAM0175A-F08 Lecture (Parini)

Fall 2007

ENAM0175A-F07 Lecture (Parini)

Fall 2006

ENAM0175A-F06 Lecture (Parini)