EDST 0415

Sec Student Teach Practicum

Student Teaching in the Middle School/High School
A semester-long practicum in a local middle or high school under the direct supervision of an experienced cooperating teacher. (Corequisite: EDST 0410) (Approval required)
Education Studies
Education Studies
Social Sciences
Requirements Fulfilled:
non-standard grade
Equivalent Courses:


Fall 2024

EDST0415A-F24 Lecture (Miller-Lane)

Fall 2023

EDST0415A-F23 Lecture (Weston)

Fall 2022

EDST0415A-F22 Lecture (Johnston)

Fall 2021

EDST0415A-F21 Lecture (Weston)

Spring 2021

EDST0415A-S21 Lecture (Miller-Lane)

Fall 2019

EDST0415A-F19 Lecture (Weston)

Fall 2018

EDST0415A-F18 Lecture (Miller-Lane)

Spring 2018

EDST0415A-S18 Lecture (Weston)

Fall 2017

EDST0415A-F17 Lecture (Miller-Lane)

Fall 2015

EDST0415A-F15 Lecture (Hammerle)

Fall 2014

EDST0415A-F14 Lecture (Cooper)

Fall 2013

EDST0415A-F13 Lecture (Miller-Lane)

Fall 2012

EDST0415A-F12 Lecture (Miller-Lane)

Spring 2012

EDST0415A-S12 Lecture (Miller-Lane)

Fall 2011

EDST0415A-F11 Lecture (Miller-Lane)

Spring 2011

EDST0415A-S11 Lecture (Miller-Lane)

Fall 2010

EDST0415A-F10 Lecture (Affolter)

Spring 2010

EDST0415A-S10 Lecture (Cooper)

Fall 2009

EDST0415A-F09 Lecture (Affolter)