EDST 0318

Middle/Secondary Ed Methods

Teaching and Learning in Secondary Schools
This course emphasizes the knowledge and skills necessary for effective teaching at the secondary level. Starting from a foundation in the liberal arts, students will develop lesson and unit plans based on instructional models that reflect "best practice" and that are grounded in key concepts from their respective disciplines. Concerns regarding "classroom management" will be addressed as opportunities to design challenging and engaging curriculum. Students will be required to integrate technology into meaningful, academic inquiry. 3 hrs. lect.
Education Studies
Education Studies
Social Sciences
Requirements Fulfilled:


Spring 2017

EDST0318A-S17 Lecture (Hoffman)

Spring 2016

EDST0318A-S16 Lecture (Hammerle)

Spring 2015

EDST0318A-S15 Lecture (Hammerle)

Spring 2014

EDST0318A-S14 Lecture (Miller-Lane)

Spring 2013

EDST0318A-S13 Lecture (Miller-Lane)

Spring 2012

EDST0318A-S12 Lecture (Miller-Lane)

Spring 2011

EDST0318A-S11 Lecture (Miller-Lane)

Spring 2010

EDST0318A-S10 Lecture (Affolter)