EDST 0315

Elem Mathematics and Science

Answers Are Not the Solution: Teaching Mathematics and Science in the Elementary School
What does it mean to know something? In this course we will approach mathematics and science learning as the construction of ideas rather than the memorization of facts, rules and procedures. We will investigate the mathematical and scientific reasoning of young people and how to construct learning experiences to support students’ conceptual development and ability to communicate in mathematical and scientific ways. We will also explore how a social justice stance enables math and science to be a source of empowerment for students. Many class sessions occur on site at a local elementary school (transportation provided). This partnership allows students to ground their thinking about the role of schools in a democratic society within the workings of a local school and provides consistent practice and supportive feedback on authentic components of teaching. In addition to class sessions, students will complete field experiences in a K-6 classroom in the Middlebury area. 3 hrs. lect./1 hr. disc.
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Education Studies
Social Sciences
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Spring 2017

EDST0315A-S17 Lecture (Weston)

Spring 2016

EDST0315A-S16 Lecture (Weston)

Spring 2015

EDST0315A-S15 Lecture (Weston)
EDST0315Z-S15 Lab (Weston)

Spring 2014

EDST0315A-S14 Lecture (Humphrey)
EDST0315Z-S14 Lab (Humphrey)

Spring 2013

EDST0315A-S13 Lecture (Hoyler)
EDST0315Z-S13 Lab (Hoyler)

Spring 2012

EDST0315A-S12 Lecture (Humphrey)
EDST0315Z-S12 Lab (Humphrey)

Spring 2011

EDST0315A-S11 Lecture (Humphrey)
EDST0315Z-S11 Lab (Humphrey)

Spring 2010

EDST0315A-S10 Lecture (Humphrey)
EDST0315Z-S10 Lab (Humphrey)