EDST 0305

Elem. Literacy & Soc. Studies

Reading & Writing the World: Teaching Literacy and Social Studies in the Elementary School
In this course, we examine what it means to be literate in the 21st century and ways in which all students can be empowered by the texts and teaching they encounter in schools. Students will develop their ability to enact literacy instruction based on current research about how children learn to read and write. We will take a critical look at texts—fiction, nonfiction, and historical—to consider the ways that texts read and write the world, develop abilities to select texts that empower all learners, and analyze retellings of historical events/persons to take into account multiple perspectives. Many class sessions occur onsite at a local elementary school to provide consistent practice and supportive feedback on authentic components of teaching (transportation provided). In addition to class sessions, students will complete field experiences in a K-6 classroom in the Middlebury area to see the workings of an entire class.
Education Studies
Education Studies
Social Sciences
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Winter 2025

EDST0305A-W25 Lecture

Winter 2024

EDST0305A-W24 Lecture (Johnston)

Fall 2022

EDST0305A-F22 Lecture (Weston)
EDST0305Z-F22 Discussion (Weston)

Fall 2021

EDST0305A-F21 Lecture (Weston)
EDST0305Z-F21 Discussion (Weston)

Fall 2020

EDST0305A-F20 Lecture (Johnston)

Fall 2019

EDST0305A-F19 Lecture (Weston)

Fall 2018

EDST0305A-F18 Lecture (Weston)

Fall 2017

EDST0305A-F17 Lecture (Weston)

Fall 2016

EDST0305A-F16 Lecture (Weston)

Fall 2015

EDST0305A-F15 Lecture (Weston)

Fall 2014

EDST0305A-F14 Lecture (Weston)

Fall 2013

EDST0305A-F13 Lecture (Hoyler)

Fall 2012

EDST0305A-F12 Lecture (Humphrey)

Fall 2011

EDST0305A-F11 Lecture (Humphrey)

Fall 2010

EDST0305A-F10 Lecture (Humphrey)

Fall 2009

EDST0305A-F09 Lecture (Humphrey)