ECSC 0112

Environmental Geology

Environmental Geology
Geological processes form the physical framework on which ecosystems operate. We require an understanding of the geological environment in order to minimize disruption of natural systems by human development and to avoid hazards such as floods and landslides. This course is an overview of basic tectonic, volcanic, and landscape-forming processes and systems, including earthquakes, rivers, soils, and groundwater. Environmental effects of energy, mineral, and water resource use, and waste disposal are also examined. Weekly field labs after spring break. Registration priority for first and second-year students. 3 hrs. lect./disc., 3 hrs. lab/field trips (formerly GEOL 0112)
Earth & Climate Sciences
Earth & Climate Sciences
Natural Sciences
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Equivalent Courses:
ECSC 0111
ECSC 0120
GEOL 0112
GEOL 0120 *


Spring 2025

ECSC0112A-S25 Lecture
ECSC0112Y-S25 Lab
ECSC0112Z-S25 Lab

Fall 2024

ECSC0112A-F24 Lecture (Amidon)
ECSC0112Y-F24 Lab (Amidon)
ECSC0112Z-F24 Lab (Amidon)

Spring 2024

ECSC0112A-S24 Lecture (Amidon)
ECSC0112Y-S24 Lab (Amidon)
ECSC0112Z-S24 Lab (Amidon)

Spring 2023

ECSC0112A-S23 Lecture (Munroe)
ECSC0112Y-S23 Lab (Munroe)
ECSC0112Z-S23 Lab (Munroe)

Fall 2022

ECSC0112A-F22 Lecture (Amidon)
ECSC0112Y-F22 Lab (Amidon)
ECSC0112Z-F22 Lab (Amidon)