ECON 0150

Intro Macroeconomics

Introductory Macroeconomics
An introduction to macroeconomics: a consideration of macroeconomic problems such as unemployment and inflation. Theories and policy proposals of Keynesian and classical economists are contrasted. Topics considered include: banking, financial institutions, monetary policy, taxation, government spending, fiscal policy, tradeoffs between inflation and unemployment in both the short run and the long run, and wage-price spirals. 3 hrs. lect.
Social Sciences
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Spring 2025

ECON0150A-S25 Lecture
ECON0150B-S25 Lecture
ECON0150C-S25 Lecture
ECON0150D-S25 Lecture
ECON0150W-S25 Discussion
ECON0150X-S25 Discussion
ECON0150Y-S25 Discussion
ECON0150Z-S25 Discussion

Fall 2024

ECON0150A-F24 Lecture (Munro)
ECON0150B-F24 Lecture (Munro)
ECON0150C-F24 Lecture (Matthews)
ECON0150W-F24 Discussion (Matthews)
ECON0150X-F24 Discussion (Matthews)
ECON0150Y-F24 Discussion (Matthews)
ECON0150Z-F24 Discussion (Matthews)

Spring 2024

ECON0150A-S24 Lecture (Artunc)
ECON0150B-S24 Lecture (Gauvin-Coulombe)
ECON0150C-S24 Lecture (Munro)
ECON0150D-S24 Lecture (Wolcott)

Fall 2023

ECON0150A-F23 Lecture (Dolatshahi)
ECON0150B-F23 Lecture (Dolatshahi)
ECON0150C-F23 Lecture (Gauvin-Coulombe)
ECON0150D-F23 Lecture (Gauvin-Coulombe)

Spring 2023

ECON0150A-S23 Lecture (Munro)
ECON0150B-S23 Lecture (Munro)
ECON0150C-S23 Lecture (Artunc)
ECON0150D-S23 Lecture (Craven)

Fall 2022

ECON0150A-F22 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150B-F22 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150C-F22 Lecture (Gauvin-Coulombe)
ECON0150D-F22 Lecture (Gauvin-Coulombe)
ECON0150E-F22 Lecture (Artunc)
ECON0150F-F22 Lecture (Wolcott)

Spring 2022

ECON0150A-S22 Lecture (Gauvin-Coulombe)
ECON0150B-S22 Lecture (Gauvin-Coulombe)
ECON0150C-S22 Lecture (Artunc)
ECON0150D-S22 Lecture (Craven)

Fall 2021

ECON0150A-F21 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150B-F21 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150C-F21 Lecture (Artunc)
ECON0150D-F21 Lecture (Gauvin-Coulombe)

Spring 2021

ECON0150A-S21 Lecture (Wolcott)
ECON0150B-S21 Lecture (Wolcott)
ECON0150C-S21 Lecture (Gauvin-Coulombe)

Fall 2020

ECON0150A-F20 Lecture (Artunc)
ECON0150B-F20 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150C-F20 Lecture (Gauvin-Coulombe)
ECON0150D-F20 Lecture (Gauvin-Coulombe)
ECON0150Q-F20 Discussion (Artunc)
ECON0150R-F20 Discussion (Artunc)
ECON0150S-F20 Discussion (Craven)
ECON0150T-F20 Discussion (Craven)
ECON0150U-F20 Discussion (Craven)
ECON0150V-F20 Discussion (Craven)

Spring 2020

ECON0150A-S20 Lecture (Munro)
ECON0150B-S20 Lecture (Munro)
ECON0150C-S20 Lecture (Artunc)
ECON0150D-S20 Lecture (Craven)

Fall 2019

ECON0150A-F19 Lecture (Wolcott)
ECON0150B-F19 Lecture (Wolcott)
ECON0150C-F19 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150D-F19 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150E-F19 Lecture (Artunc)

Spring 2019

ECON0150A-S19 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150B-S19 Lecture (Munro)
ECON0150C-S19 Lecture (Wolcott)

Fall 2018

ECON0150A-F18 Lecture (Wolcott)
ECON0150B-F18 Lecture (Munro)
ECON0150C-F18 Lecture (Wolcott)
ECON0150D-F18 Lecture (Craven)

Spring 2018

ECON0150A-S18 Lecture (Arroyo Abad)
ECON0150B-S18 Lecture (Wolcott)
ECON0150C-S18 Lecture (Munro)

Fall 2017

ECON0150A-F17 Lecture (Wolcott)
ECON0150B-F17 Lecture (Wolcott)
ECON0150C-F17 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150D-F17 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150E-F17 Lecture (Munro)
ECON0150F-F17 Lecture (Arroyo Abad)

Spring 2017

ECON0150A-S17 Lecture (Arroyo Abad)
ECON0150B-S17 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150C-S17 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150D-S17 Lecture (Munro)
ECON0150X-S17 Discussion (Craven)
ECON0150Y-S17 Discussion (Craven)
ECON0150Z-S17 Discussion (Arroyo Abad)

Fall 2016

ECON0150A-F16 Lecture (Arroyo Abad)
ECON0150B-F16 Lecture (Matthews)
ECON0150C-F16 Lecture (Munro)
ECON0150Z-F16 Discussion (Arroyo Abad)

Spring 2016

ECON0150A-S16 Lecture (Arroyo Abad)
ECON0150B-S16 Lecture (Carrick-Hagenbarth)
ECON0150C-S16 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150Y-S16 Discussion (Craven)
ECON0150Z-S16 Discussion (Arroyo Abad)

Fall 2015

ECON0150A-F15 Lecture (Arroyo Abad)
ECON0150B-F15 Lecture (Matthews)
ECON0150C-F15 Lecture (Wunnava)
ECON0150D-F15 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150Y-F15 Discussion (Matthews)
ECON0150Z-F15 Discussion (Arroyo Abad)

Spring 2015

ECON0150A-S15 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150B-S15 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150C-S15 Lecture (Arroyo Abad)
ECON0150Z-S15 Discussion (Arroyo Abad)

Fall 2014

ECON0150A-F14 Lecture (Arroyo Abad)
ECON0150B-F14 Lecture (Arroyo Abad)
ECON0150C-F14 Lecture (Matthews)

Spring 2014

ECON0150A-S14 Lecture (Moussa)
ECON0150B-S14 Lecture (Moussa)
ECON0150C-S14 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150D-S14 Lecture (Edwards)

Fall 2013

ECON0150A-F13 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150B-F13 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150C-F13 Lecture (Colander)
ECON0150D-F13 Lecture (Moussa)
ECON0150E-F13 Lecture (Edwards)

Spring 2013

ECON0150A-S13 Lecture (Edwards)
ECON0150B-S13 Lecture (Edwards)
ECON0150C-S13 Lecture (Hakobyan)
ECON0150D-S13 Lecture (Hakobyan)

Fall 2012

ECON0150A-F12 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150B-F12 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150C-F12 Lecture (Edwards)
ECON0150D-F12 Lecture (Edwards)

Spring 2012

ECON0150A-S12 Lecture (Hakobyan)
ECON0150B-S12 Lecture (Hakobyan)
ECON0150C-S12 Lecture (Edwards)
ECON0150D-S12 Lecture (Edwards)

Fall 2011

ECON0150A-F11 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150B-F11 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150C-F11 Lecture (Edwards)
ECON0150D-F11 Lecture (Edwards)

Spring 2011

ECON0150A-S11 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150B-S11 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150C-S11 Lecture (Pecsok)
ECON0150D-S11 Lecture (Pecsok)
ECON0150E-S11 Lecture (Saka)

Fall 2010

ECON0150A-F10 Lecture (Claudon)
ECON0150B-F10 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150C-F10 Lecture (Wunnava)
ECON0150D-F10 Lecture (Pecsok)
ECON0150E-F10 Lecture (Saka)

Spring 2010

ECON0150A-S10 Lecture (Claudon)
ECON0150B-S10 Lecture (Claudon)
ECON0150C-S10 Lecture (Saka)
ECON0150D-S10 Lecture (Saka)

Fall 2009

ECON0150A-F09 Lecture (Claudon)
ECON0150B-F09 Lecture (Prasch)
ECON0150C-F09 Lecture (Saka)
ECON0150D-F09 Lecture (Saka)
ECON0150E-F09 Lecture (Pecsok)

Spring 2009

ECON0150A-S09 Lecture (Claudon)
ECON0150B-S09 Lecture (Claudon)
ECON0150C-S09 Lecture (Saka)
ECON0150D-S09 Lecture (Saka)

Fall 2008

ECON0150A-F08 Lecture (Claudon)
ECON0150B-F08 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150C-F08 Lecture (Wunnava)
ECON0150D-F08 Lecture (Saka)
ECON0150E-F08 Lecture (Saka)

Spring 2008

ECON0150A-S08 Lecture (Colander)
ECON0150B-S08 Lecture (Colander)
ECON0150C-S08 Lecture (Lewin)
ECON0150D-S08 Lecture (Lewin)

Fall 2007

ECON0150A-F07 Lecture (Prasch)
ECON0150B-F07 Lecture (Prasch)
ECON0150C-F07 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150D-F07 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150E-F07 Lecture (Wunnava)

Spring 2007

ECON0150A-S07 Lecture (May)
ECON0150B-S07 Lecture (May)
ECON0150C-S07 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150D-S07 Lecture (Craven)

Fall 2006

ECON0150A-F06 Lecture (Wandschneider)
ECON0150B-F06 Lecture (Wandschneider)
ECON0150C-F06 Lecture (Prasch)
ECON0150D-F06 Lecture (Prasch)
ECON0150E-F06 Lecture (Claudon)
ECON0150F-F06 Lecture (Claudon)

Spring 2006

ECON0150A-S06 Lecture (Claudon)
ECON0150B-S06 Lecture (Claudon)
ECON0150C-S06 Lecture (Wandschneider)
ECON0150D-S06 Lecture (Wandschneider)
ECON0150E-S06 Lecture (May)

Fall 2005

ECON0150A-F05 Lecture (Wunnava)
ECON0150B-F05 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150C-F05 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150D-F05 Lecture (May)
ECON0150E-F05 Lecture (May)

Spring 2005

ECON0150A-S05 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150B-S05 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150C-S05 Lecture (Pyle)
ECON0150D-S05 Lecture (Pyle)

Fall 2004

ECON0150A-F04 Lecture (Claudon)
ECON0150B-F04 Lecture (Claudon)
ECON0150C-F04 Lecture (Wandschneider)
ECON0150D-F04 Lecture (Wandschneider)
ECON0150E-F04 Lecture (Wunnava)

Spring 2004

ECON0150A-S04 Lecture (Claudon)
ECON0150B-S04 Lecture (Claudon)
ECON0150C-S04 Lecture (Craven)
ECON0150D-S04 Lecture (Prasch)

Fall 2003

ECON0150A-F03 Lecture (Claudon)
ECON0150B-F03 Lecture (Wunnava)
ECON0150C-F03 Lecture (Pecsok)
ECON0150D-F03 Lecture (Wandschneider)
ECON0150E-F03 Lecture (Wandschneider)