DANC 0376

Anatomy and Kinesiology

Anatomy and Kinesiology
This course offers an in-depth experiential study of skeletal structure, and includes aspects of the muscular, organ, endocrine, nervous, and fluid systems of the human body. The goal is to enhance efficiency of movement and alignment through laboratory sessions, supported by assigned readings, exams, and written projects. (Not open to first-year students) 3 hrs. lect.
Requirements Fulfilled:
Equivalent Courses:
DANC 1011
DANC 1014 *


Spring 2024

DANC0376A-S24 Lecture (Jenkins)
DANC0376Z-S24 Lab (Jenkins)

Spring 2023

DANC0376A-S23 Lecture (Chavez)
DANC0376Z-S23 Lab (Chavez)

Spring 2022

DANC0376A-S22 Lecture (Chavez)
DANC0376Z-S22 Lab (Chavez)

Spring 2021

DANC0376A-S21 Lecture

Fall 2020

DANC0376A-F20 Lecture (Jenkins)
DANC0376Z-F20 Lab (Jenkins)

Fall 2019

DANC0376A-F19 Lecture (Jenkins)

Fall 2018

DANC0376A-F18 Lecture (Jenkins)

Fall 2017

DANC0376A-F17 Lecture (Jenkins)

Fall 2016

DANC0376A-F16 Lecture (Hardwig)

Spring 2016

DANC0376A-S16 Lecture (Kassabova)

Fall 2015

DANC0376A-F15 Lecture (Olsen)
DANC0376Z-F15 Lab (Olsen)

Spring 2015

DANC0376A-S15 Lecture (Kassabova)
DANC0376Z-S15 Lab (Kassabova)

Fall 2014

DANC0376A-F14 Lecture (Hardwig)
DANC0376Z-F14 Lab (Hardwig)

Spring 2014

DANC0376A-S14 Lecture (Olsen)
DANC0376Z-S14 Lab (Olsen)

Fall 2013

DANC0376A-F13 Lecture (Cabeen)
DANC0376Z-F13 Lab (Cabeen)

Spring 2013

DANC0376A-S13 Lecture (Cabeen)
DANC0376Z-S13 Lab (Cabeen)

Fall 2012

DANC0376A-F12 Lecture (Olsen)

Spring 2012

DANC0376A-S12 Lecture (Olsen)

Spring 2011

DANC0376A-S11 Lecture (Olsen)
DANC0376Y-S11 Lab (Olsen)
DANC0376Z-S11 Lab (Olsen)

Spring 2010

DANC0376A-S10 Lecture (Olsen)
DANC0376Y-S10 Lab (Olsen)
DANC0376Z-S10 Lab (Olsen)

Spring 2009

DANC0376A-S09 Lecture (Tawil)

Fall 2008

DANC0376A-F08 Lecture (Tawil)

Spring 2008

DANC0376A-S08 Lecture (Olsen)
DANC0376Y-S08 Lab (Olsen)
DANC0376Z-S08 Lab (Olsen)

Fall 2007

DANC0376A-F07 Lecture (Olsen)
DANC0376Y-F07 Lab (Olsen)
DANC0376Z-F07 Lab (Olsen)