DANC 0277

Body & Earth

Body and Earth
This course is designed to bridge the relationship between the human body and the environment. The goals of the course are to deepen knowledge of physical faculties and sensory possibilities, heighten sensitivity to natural processes and forms in the Vermont bioregion, and engage awareness through the study of perception of and interaction with the non-human world. Learning modalities include analytical reading and formal writing assignments for the lecture section, place-based exploratory journaling, experiential movement-based practices, site-specific dance making, and regular field trips and outdoor activities during the lab section, culminating in final performative research projects.3 hrs. lect. 1 hr. lab.
Requirements Fulfilled:
Equivalent Courses:
DANC 1029
ENVS 1029
ENVS 0277
FYSE 1093 *


Fall 2022

DANC0277A-F22 Lecture (Borni)
DANC0277Z-F22 Lab (Borni)

Spring 2022

DANC0277A-S22 Lecture (Borni)
DANC0277B-S22 Lecture (Borni)
DANC0277Z-S22 Lab (Borni)

Fall 2020

DANC0277A-F20 Lecture (Winfield)
DANC0277B-F20 Lecture (Winfield)

Spring 2020

DANC0277A-S20 Lecture (Winfield)
DANC0277B-S20 Lecture (Winfield)

Spring 2019

DANC0277A-S19 Lecture (Borni)
DANC0277B-S19 Lecture (Borni)

Spring 2018

DANC0277A-S18 Lecture (Jenkins)
DANC0277B-S18 Lecture (Jenkins)

Spring 2017

DANC0277A-S17 Lecture (Forestieri)

Fall 2015

DANC0277A-F15 Lecture (Olsen)
DANC0277Z-F15 Lab (Olsen)

Spring 2014

DANC0277A-S14 Lecture (Olsen)
DANC0277Z-S14 Lab (Olsen)

Fall 2013

DANC0277A-F13 Lecture (Olsen)
DANC0277Z-F13 Lab (Olsen)

Fall 2012

DANC0277A-F12 Lecture (Olsen)
DANC0277Z-F12 Lab (Olsen)

Spring 2012

DANC0277A-S12 Lecture (Olsen)

Fall 2011

DANC0277A-F11 Lecture (Olsen)
DANC0277Z-F11 Lab (Olsen)

Spring 2011

DANC0277A-S11 Lecture (Olsen)
DANC0277Y-S11 Lab (Olsen)
DANC0277Z-S11 Lab (Olsen)

Fall 2010

DANC0277A-F10 Lecture (Olsen)
DANC0277Z-F10 Lab (Olsen)

Spring 2010

DANC0277A-S10 Lecture (Olsen)
DANC0277Y-S10 Lab (Olsen)
DANC0277Z-S10 Lab (Olsen)

Spring 2008

DANC0277A-S08 Lecture (Olsen)
DANC0277Y-S08 Lab (Olsen)
DANC0277Z-S08 Lab (Olsen)

Fall 2006

DANC0277A-F06 Lecture (Olsen)
DANC0277Y-F06 Lab (Olsen)
DANC0277Z-F06 Lab (Olsen)

Fall 2005

DANC0277A-F05 Lecture (Olsen)

Spring 2005

DANC0277A-S05 Lecture (Olsen)

Fall 2004

DANC0277A-F04 Lecture

Fall 2003

DANC0277A-F03 Lecture (Olsen)