CSCI 0200

Math Foundations of Computing

Mathematical Foundations of Computing
In this course we will provide an introduction to the mathematical foundations of computer science, with an emphasis on formal reasoning. Topics will include propositional and predicate logic, sets, functions, and relations; basic number theory; mathematical induction and other proof methods; combinatorics, probability, and recurrence relations; graph theory; and models of computation. (CSCI 0145 or CSCI 0146 or CSCI 0150) (Juniors and Seniors by waiver) 3 hrs. lect./lab
Computer Science
Computer Science
Natural Sciences
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Spring 2025

CSCI0200A-S25 Lecture
CSCI0200B-S25 Lecture

Fall 2024

CSCI0200A-F24 Lecture (Chodrow)
CSCI0200B-F24 Lecture (Chodrow)

Spring 2024

CSCI0200A-S24 Lecture (Caplan)
CSCI0200B-S24 Lecture (Caplan)
CSCI0200C-S24 Lecture (Dickerson)

Fall 2023

CSCI0200A-F23 Lecture (Chodrow)
CSCI0200B-F23 Lecture (Chodrow)

Spring 2023

CSCI0200A-S23 Lecture (Bleher)
CSCI0200B-S23 Lecture (Bleher)

Fall 2022

CSCI0200A-F22 Lecture (Swenton)

Spring 2022

CSCI0200A-S22 Lecture (Swenton)
CSCI0200B-S22 Lecture (Dickerson)
CSCI0200C-S22 Lecture (Dickerson)

Fall 2021

CSCI0200A-F21 Lecture (Caplan)
CSCI0200B-F21 Lecture (Caplan)

Spring 2021

CSCI0200A-S21 Lecture (Swenton)
CSCI0200B-S21 Lecture (Swenton)

Fall 2020

CSCI0200A-F20 Lecture (Caplan)
CSCI0200B-F20 Lecture (Caplan)

Spring 2020

CSCI0200A-S20 Lecture (Caplan)
CSCI0200B-S20 Lecture (Caplan)

Fall 2019

CSCI0200A-F19 Lecture (Kimmel)
CSCI0200B-F19 Lecture (Kimmel)

Spring 2019

CSCI0200A-S19 Lecture (Kimmel)
CSCI0200B-S19 Lecture (Kimmel)

Fall 2018

CSCI0200A-F18 Lecture (Briggs)
CSCI0200B-F18 Lecture (Briggs)

Spring 2018

CSCI0200A-S18 Lecture (Kimmel)
CSCI0200B-S18 Lecture (Kimmel)

Fall 2017

CSCI0200A-F17 Lecture (Kimmel)
CSCI0200B-F17 Lecture (Kimmel)

Spring 2017

CSCI0200A-S17 Lecture (Briggs)

Fall 2016

CSCI0200A-F16 Lecture (Briggs)

Spring 2016

CSCI0200A-S16 Lecture (Briggs)

Fall 2015

CSCI0200A-F15 Lecture (Briggs)

Spring 2015

CSCI0200A-S15 Lecture (Johnson)

Fall 2014

CSCI0200A-F14 Lecture (Johnson)

Spring 2014

CSCI0200A-S14 Lecture (Dickerson)

Spring 2013

CSCI0200A-S13 Lecture (Briggs)

Spring 2012

CSCI0200A-S12 Lecture (Peterson)