CRWR 0380

Advanced Non-Fiction Workshop

Advanced Non-Fiction Workshop: Writing Truthfully in Turbulent Times
To best assist us in finding our voices, this course plumbs the diversity of nonfiction as a genre and requires us to identify narratives larger than the self. So much is currently at stake. The work we read this semester will underline this for us. We will read new nonfiction works by an eclectic group of authors and thereby deepen our understandings of what it means to live in a time of severe ecological distress, extreme inequality, and virulent strains of all sorts of deadliness, as well as a time of intense hope, and we will write toward the conception of a book manuscript. (any 100-level CRWR course and Instructor Approval) 3 hrs. sem.
Creative Writing
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Fall 2023

CRWR0380A-F23 Lecture (Ulmer)

Spring 2023

CRWR0380A-S23 Lecture (Ulmer)

Fall 2022

CRWR0380A-F22 Lecture (Mayhew-Bergman)

Spring 2022

CRWR0380A-S22 Lecture (Mayhew-Bergman)

Fall 2021

CRWR0380A-F21 Lecture (Mayhew-Bergman)

Spring 2021

CRWR0380A-S21 Lecture (Ulmer)

Fall 2020

CRWR0380A-F20 Lecture (Ulmer)

Spring 2020

CRWR0380A-S20 Lecture (Mayhew-Bergman)

Fall 2019

CRWR0380A-F19 Lecture (Ulmer)

Spring 2018

CRWR0380A-S18 Lecture (Shaw)

Winter 2018

CRWR0380A-W18 Lecture (Bain)

Winter 2017

CRWR0380A-W17 Lecture (Bain)

Winter 2016

CRWR0380A-W16 Lecture (Bain)

Winter 2015

CRWR0380A-W15 Lecture (Bain)

Fall 2014

CRWR0380A-F14 Lecture (Bain)

Winter 2014

CRWR0380A-W14 Lecture (Bain)

Winter 2013

CRWR0380A-W13 Lecture (Bain)