CRWR 0220

Adventure Writing

Adventure Writing & Digital Storytelling
In this class we will explore the adventure narrative in the digital age. Equipped with laptop, camera, audio recorder, and video camera—the tools of today’s investigative journalists—students will undertake their own adventure in the Middlebury area (such as animal tracking, skydiving, ice climbing, trapping or hunting, canoeing or kayaking local rivers), then sharpen their skills as writers, focusing on setting, character, history, and narrative thread. We will read adventure narratives and write in the adventure-travel genre, incorporating interviews, photos, audio, and video files in the final writing project. Video and audio equipment supplied by the college. (not open to students who have taken CRWR 1005) (Approval required; please complete an application form available on the following web page: http://www.middlebury.edu/academics/enam/resources/forms). 3 hrs. lect.
Creative Writing
English & American Literatures
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CRWR 1005 *
INTD 1105 *