CHNS 3298

Pre-Advanced Chinese

This course is designed for students who have completed the intermediate Chinese or the equivalent. While many of the linguistic tasks students learn to handle are similar to those of Level II, the level of language required to carry out these tasks is more advanced. Students are introduced to the written Chinese (shumianyu) and taught how to make the transition from reading pedagogically prepared materials to more authentic materials.

Rigorous practice of spoken and written Chinese in complex communicative activities will be complemented by intensive practice sessions to fine-tune pronunciation, expand vocabulary, and internalize more complex grammatical constructions. Students will also do intensive reading of expository writings on a variety of cultural topics. This course is conducted in Mandarin Chinese.

Required Text: Chou, Chih Ping, Joanne Chian, Jianna Eagar, A New China: An Intermediate Reader of Modern Chinese, Revised Edition. ISBN - 978-0-691-14836
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Summer 2024 Language Schools

CHNS3298A-L24 Lecture

Summer 2023 Language Schools

CHNS3298A-L23 Lecture (Long)

Summer 2022 Language Schools

CHNS3298A-L22 Lecture (Long)

Summer 2021 Language Schools

CHNS3298A-L21 Lecture (Long)

Summer 2019 Language Schools

CHNS3298A-L19 Lecture (Zhou)

Summer 2018 Language Schools

CHNS3298A-L18 Lecture (Zhou)

Summer 2017 Language Schools

CHNS3298A-L17 Lecture (Wang)

Summer 2016 Language Schools

CHNS3298A-L16 Lecture (Wang)

Summer 2015 Language Schools

CHNS3298A-L15 Lecture (Wang, Pan)

Summer 2014 Language Schools

CHNS3298A-L14 Lecture (Wang, Chen, Chen, Lian, Wang, Wu)

Summer 2013

CHNS3298A-L13 Lecture (Wang, Chen, Lian, Wu)

Summer 2012

CHNS3298A-L12 Lecture (Wang, Chen, Ji, Lu, Yang)