CHNS 0412

Classical Chinese II

Classical Chinese II (in Chinese)
A continuation of CHNS 0411. In this course students will read a wide selection of wenyan texts that sample the classics of ancient Chinese thought, including Confucius' Analects, the Daoist texts Laozi and Zhuangzi, Mohist arguments against war, Sunzi's The Art of War, and Legalist writings on law. Students will also learn to punctuate wenyan texts (which were originally unpunctuated) and compose sentences or short paragraphs in wenyan. All class discussion will be conducted in modern Chinese. (CHNS 0411 or the equivalent) 3 hrs. lect.
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Spring 2025

CHNS0412A-S25 Seminar

Spring 2024

CHNS0412A-S24 Seminar (Zhang)

Spring 2023

CHNS0412A-S23 Seminar (Zhang)

Spring 2022

CHNS0412A-S22 Seminar (Xu)

Spring 2021

CHNS0412A-S21 Seminar (Xu)

Spring 2019

CHNS0412A-S19 Seminar (Xu)

Spring 2018

CHNS0412A-S18 Seminar (Xu)

Spring 2017

CHNS0412A-S17 Seminar (Qian)

Spring 2016

CHNS0412A-S16 Seminar (Xu)

Spring 2015

CHNS0412A-S15 Seminar (Xu)

Spring 2014

CHNS0412A-S14 Seminar (Xu)

Spring 2013

CHNS0412A-S13 Seminar (Xu)

Spring 2012

CHNS0412A-S12 Seminar (Xu)

Spring 2011

CHNS0412A-S11 Seminar (Zhang)

Spring 2010

CHNS0412A-S10 Seminar (Yang)

Spring 2009

CHNS0412A-S09 Seminar (Zhang)

Spring 2008

CHNS0412A-S08 Seminar (Xu)

Spring 2007

CHNS0412A-S07 Lecture (Ridgway)

Spring 2006

CHNS0412A-S06 Lecture (Ridgway)

Spring 2005

CHNS0412A-S05 Lecture (Du)

Spring 2004

CHNS0412A-S04 Lecture (Xu)