CHNS 0202

Intermediate Chinese II

Intermediate Chinese
This course is a continuation of the first term's work, with the class conducted primarily in Chinese. (CHNS 0201 or equivalent) 5 hrs. lect., 1 hr. drill
Requirements Fulfilled:
Equivalent Courses:


Spring 2024

CHNS0202A-S24 Lecture (Wiebe, Zhang)
CHNS0202B-S24 Lecture (Wiebe, Zhang)
CHNS0202X-S24 Drill 1 (Downey)
CHNS0202Y-S24 Drill 1 (Harris)
CHNS0202Z-S24 Drill 1 (Zhang)

Spring 2023

CHNS0202A-S23 Lecture (Zhang, Harris)
CHNS0202B-S23 Lecture (Zhang, Harris)
CHNS0202X-S23 Drill 1 (Monroe)
CHNS0202Y-S23 Drill 1 (Wiebe)
CHNS0202Z-S23 Drill 1 (Monroe)

Spring 2022

CHNS0202A-S22 Lecture (Moran, Song)
CHNS0202B-S22 Lecture (Moran, Song)
CHNS0202W-S22 Drill 1 (Song)
CHNS0202X-S22 Drill 1 (Moran)
CHNS0202Y-S22 Drill 1 (Wang)
CHNS0202Z-S22 Drill 1 (Xu)

Spring 2021

CHNS0202A-S21 Lecture (Moran, Huang)
CHNS0202B-S21 Lecture (Moran)
CHNS0202C-S21 Lecture (Moran)
CHNS0202V-S21 Drill 1 (Auden)
CHNS0202W-S21 Drill 1 (Auden)
CHNS0202X-S21 Drill 1
CHNS0202Y-S21 Drill 1 (Auden)
CHNS0202Z-S21 Drill 1 (Moran)

Spring 2020

CHNS0202A-S20 Lecture (Moran, Zhang)
CHNS0202B-S20 Lecture (Moran, Zhang)
CHNS0202W-S20 Drill 1 (Zhang)
CHNS0202X-S20 Drill 1 (Zhang)
CHNS0202Y-S20 Drill 1 (Zhang)
CHNS0202Z-S20 Drill 1 (Shi)

Spring 2019

CHNS0202A-S19 Lecture (Moran, Zhang)
CHNS0202B-S19 Lecture (Moran, Zhang)
CHNS0202W-S19 Drill 1 (Zhang)
CHNS0202X-S19 Drill 1 (Zhang)
CHNS0202Y-S19 Drill 1 (Zhang)
CHNS0202Z-S19 Drill 1 (Zhang)

Spring 2018

CHNS0202A-S18 Lecture (Wiebe, Liu)
CHNS0202B-S18 Lecture (Wiebe, Liu)
CHNS0202W-S18 Drill 1
CHNS0202X-S18 Drill 1 (Xu)
CHNS0202Y-S18 Drill 1 (Xu)
CHNS0202Z-S18 Drill 1 (Xu)

Spring 2017

CHNS0202A-S17 Lecture (Wiebe, Wang)
CHNS0202B-S17 Lecture (Wiebe, Wang)
CHNS0202W-S17 Drill 1 (Qian)
CHNS0202X-S17 Drill 1 (Qian)
CHNS0202Y-S17 Drill 1 (Qian)
CHNS0202Z-S17 Drill 1 (Qian)

Spring 2016

CHNS0202A-S16 Lecture (Cong, Wiebe)
CHNS0202B-S16 Lecture (Cong, Wiebe)
CHNS0202X-S16 Drill 1 (Cong)
CHNS0202Y-S16 Drill 1 (Cong)
CHNS0202Z-S16 Drill 1 (Cong)

Spring 2015

CHNS0202A-S15 Lecture (Wiebe, Yang)
CHNS0202B-S15 Lecture (Wiebe, Yang)
CHNS0202V-S15 Drill 1 (Yang)
CHNS0202W-S15 Drill 1 (Jiang)
CHNS0202X-S15 Drill 1 (Yang)
CHNS0202Y-S15 Drill 1 (Jiang)
CHNS0202Z-S15 Drill 1 (Jiang)

Spring 2014

CHNS0202A-S14 Lecture (Wiebe, Yang)
CHNS0202B-S14 Lecture (Wiebe, Yang)
CHNS0202V-S14 Drill 1 (Jiang)
CHNS0202W-S14 Drill 1 (Yang)
CHNS0202X-S14 Drill 1 (Wang)
CHNS0202Y-S14 Drill 1 (Yang)
CHNS0202Z-S14 Drill 1 (Yang)

Spring 2013

CHNS0202A-S13 Lecture (Handler-Spitz, Chen, Wang)
CHNS0202B-S13 Lecture (Handler-Spitz, Chen, Wang)
CHNS0202C-S13 Lecture (Handler-Spitz, Chen, Wang)
CHNS0202V-S13 Drill 1 (Chen)
CHNS0202W-S13 Drill 1 (Chen)
CHNS0202X-S13 Drill 1 (Lian)
CHNS0202Y-S13 Drill 1 (Lian)
CHNS0202Z-S13 Drill 1 (Lian)

Spring 2012

CHNS0202A-S12 Lecture (Wiebe, Chen)
CHNS0202B-S12 Lecture (Wiebe, Chen, Wang)
CHNS0202C-S12 Lecture (Wiebe, Chen, Wang)
CHNS0202V-S12 Drill 1 (Harris)
CHNS0202W-S12 Drill 1 (Harris)
CHNS0202X-S12 Drill 1 (Harris)
CHNS0202Y-S12 Drill 1 (Harris)
CHNS0202Z-S12 Drill 1 (Harris)

Spring 2011

CHNS0202A-S11 Lecture (Wiebe, Wang, Zhang)
CHNS0202B-S11 Lecture (Wiebe, Wang, Zhang)
CHNS0202C-S11 Lecture (Wiebe, Wang, Zhang)
CHNS0202V-S11 Drill 1
CHNS0202W-S11 Drill 1
CHNS0202X-S11 Drill 1
CHNS0202Y-S11 Drill 1
CHNS0202Z-S11 Drill 1

Spring 2010

CHNS0202A-S10 Lecture (Wiebe, Zhou)
CHNS0202B-S10 Lecture (Wiebe, Zhou)
CHNS0202V-S10 Drill 1 (Zhou)
CHNS0202W-S10 Drill 1 (Yang)
CHNS0202X-S10 Drill 1 (Yang)
CHNS0202Y-S10 Drill 1 (Zhou)
CHNS0202Z-S10 Drill 1 (Zhou)

Spring 2009

CHNS0202A-S09 Lecture (Wiebe, Wang, Zhou)
CHNS0202B-S09 Lecture (Wiebe, Zhou)
CHNS0202C-S09 Lecture (Wiebe, Wang, Zhou)
CHNS0202V-S09 Drill 1 (Student Taught, Wiebe)
CHNS0202W-S09 Drill 1 (Student Taught, Wiebe)
CHNS0202X-S09 Drill 1 (Student Taught, Wiebe)
CHNS0202Y-S09 Drill 1 (Student Taught, Wiebe)
CHNS0202Z-S09 Drill 1 (Student Taught, Wiebe)

Spring 2008

CHNS0202A-S08 Lecture (Wiebe, Zhou)
CHNS0202B-S08 Lecture (Wiebe, Zhou)
CHNS0202V-S08 Drill 1 (Student Taught)
CHNS0202W-S08 Drill 1 (Wiebe)
CHNS0202X-S08 Drill 1 (Wiebe)
CHNS0202Y-S08 Drill 1 (Student Taught)
CHNS0202Z-S08 Drill 1 (Student Taught)

Spring 2007

CHNS0202A-S07 Lecture (Wang, Tian)
CHNS0202B-S07 Lecture (Wang, Tian)
CHNS0202W-S07 Drill 1 (Ridgway)
CHNS0202X-S07 Drill 1 (Ridgway)
CHNS0202Y-S07 Drill 1 (Ridgway)
CHNS0202Z-S07 Drill 1 (Tian)

Spring 2006

CHNS0202A-S06 Lecture (Wiebe, Wang)
CHNS0202B-S06 Lecture (Wiebe, Wang)
CHNS0202W-S06 Drill 1 (Tian)
CHNS0202X-S06 Drill 1 (Tian)
CHNS0202Y-S06 Drill 1 (Tian)
CHNS0202Z-S06 Drill 1 (Tian)

Spring 2005

CHNS0202A-S05 Lecture (Wiebe, Su)
CHNS0202X-S05 Drill 1 (Su)
CHNS0202Y-S05 Drill 1 (Su)
CHNS0202Z-S05 Drill 1 (Su)

Spring 2004

CHNS0202A-S04 Lecture (Wiebe, Su)
CHNS0202B-S04 Lecture (Wiebe, Su)
CHNS0202X-S04 Drill 1 (Wiebe)
CHNS0202Y-S04 Drill 1 (Wiebe)
CHNS0202Z-S04 Drill 1 (Wiebe)