CHEM 0311

Instrumental Analysis

Instrumental Analysis
In this course we will learn fundamental concepts of analytical chemistry, instrumental analysis, and scientific writing. Lecture topics include experimental design and quality control; sample collection and preparation; calibration, error, and data analysis; statistics; and the theory and operation of chemical instrumentation. Multi-week laboratory projects provide hands-on experience in qualitative and quantitative analysis using a variety of research-quality instrumentation (e.g., UV/Vis spectrophotometry, gas chromatography mass spectrometry, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry). Writing workshops promote professional scientific writing skills through guided practice in writing analysis, peer review, and revision. (CHEM 0204 or CHEM 0242) 3 hr. lect., 6 hrs. lab.
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Natural Sciences
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Fall 2024

CHEM0311A-F24 Lecture (Costanza-Robinson)
CHEM0311Z-F24 Lab (Costanza-Robinson)

Fall 2023

CHEM0311A-F23 Lecture (Cotts, Vasiliou)
CHEM0311X-F23 Lab (Cotts, Vasiliou)

Fall 2022

CHEM0311A-F22 Lecture (Cotts)
CHEM0311X-F22 Lab (Cotts)

Fall 2021

CHEM0311A-F21 Lecture (Costanza-Robinson, Cotts)
CHEM0311X-F21 Lab (Costanza-Robinson, Cotts)

Fall 2020

CHEM0311A-F20 Lecture (Costanza-Robinson, French)
CHEM0311X-F20 Lab (Costanza-Robinson, French)

Fall 2019

CHEM0311A-F19 Lecture (Bunt, Costanza-Robinson)
CHEM0311X-F19 Lab (Bunt, Costanza-Robinson)

Fall 2018

CHEM0311A-F18 Lecture (Bunt, Costanza-Robinson)
CHEM0311X-F18 Lab (Bunt, Costanza-Robinson)

Fall 2017

CHEM0311A-F17 Lecture (Costanza-Robinson, Larrabee)
CHEM0311X-F17 Lab (Costanza-Robinson, Larrabee)

Fall 2016

CHEM0311A-F16 Lecture (Sandwick, Vasiliou)
CHEM0311Z-F16 Lab (Sandwick, Vasiliou)

Fall 2015

CHEM0311A-F15 Lecture (Sandwick, Vasiliou)
CHEM0311X-F15 Lab (Sandwick, Vasiliou)

Fall 2014

CHEM0311A-F14 Lecture (Costanza-Robinson, Larrabee)
CHEM0311X-F14 Lab (Costanza-Robinson, Larrabee)

Fall 2013

CHEM0311A-F13 Lecture (Costanza-Robinson, Choi)
CHEM0311Y-F13 Lab (Costanza-Robinson, Choi)

Fall 2012

CHEM0311A-F12 Lecture (Choi, Larrabee)
CHEM0311Y-F12 Lab (Choi, Larrabee)

Fall 2011

CHEM0311A-F11 Lecture (Costanza-Robinson, Larrabee)
CHEM0311Y-F11 Lab (Costanza-Robinson, Larrabee)

Fall 2010

CHEM0311A-F10 Lecture (Larrabee, Costanza-Robinson)
CHEM0311Y-F10 Lab (Larrabee, Costanza-Robinson)
CHEM0311Z-F10 Lab (Larrabee, Costanza-Robinson)

Fall 2009

CHEM0311A-F09 Lecture (Choi, Larrabee)
CHEM0311Y-F09 Lab (Choi, Larrabee)

Fall 2008

CHEM0311A-F08 Lecture (Sandwick, Costanza-Robinson)
CHEM0311Y-F08 Lab (Sandwick, Costanza-Robinson)

Fall 2007

CHEM0311A-F07 Lecture (Choi, Larrabee)
CHEM0311X-F07 Lab (Choi, Larrabee)
CHEM0311Y-F07 Lab (Choi, Larrabee)

Fall 2006

CHEM0311A-F06 Lecture (Choi, Costanza-Robinson, Larrabee)
CHEM0311X-F06 Lab (Choi, Costanza-Robinson, Larrabee)
CHEM0311Y-F06 Lab (Choi, Costanza-Robinson, Larrabee)

Fall 2005

CHEM0311A-F05 Lecture (Choi, Larrabee)
CHEM0311X-F05 Lab (Choi, Larrabee)
CHEM0311Y-F05 Additional Lab (Choi, Larrabee)

Fall 2004

CHEM0311A-F04 Lecture (Larrabee, Sandwick)
CHEM0311X-F04 Lab (Larrabee, Sandwick)
CHEM0311Y-F04 Additional Lab (Larrabee, Sandwick)
CHEM0311Z-F04 Additional Lab (Larrabee, Sandwick)

Fall 2003

CHEM0311A-F03 Lecture (Byers, Sontum)
CHEM0311X-F03 Lab (Byers, Sontum)
CHEM0311Y-F03 Lab (Byers, Sontum)