CHEM 0104

General Chemistry II

General Chemistry II
Major topics include chemical kinetics, chemical equilibrium, acid-base equilibria, chemical thermodynamics, electrochemistry, descriptive inorganic chemistry, and coordination chemistry. Lab work includes inorganic synthesis, qualitative analysis, and quantitative analysis in kinetics, acid-base and redox chemistry. (CHEM 0103 or equivalent) 3 hrs. lect., 3 hrs. lab, 1 hr. disc.
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Natural Sciences
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Spring 2025

CHEM0104A-S25 Lecture
CHEM0104W-S25 Lab
CHEM0104X-S25 Lab
CHEM0104Y-S25 Lab
CHEM0104Z-S25 Lab

Fall 2024

CHEM0104A-F24 Lecture
CHEM0104B-F24 Lecture
CHEM0104W-F24 Lab
CHEM0104X-F24 Lab
CHEM0104Y-F24 Lab
CHEM0104Z-F24 Lab

Spring 2024

CHEM0104A-S24 Lecture (Vasiliou)
CHEM0104B-S24 Lecture (Dovey)
CHEM0104W-S24 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104X-S24 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104Y-S24 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104Z-S24 Lab (Dube)

Fall 2023

CHEM0104A-F23 Lecture (Dovey)
CHEM0104W-F23 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104X-F23 Lab (Dube)

Spring 2023

CHEM0104A-S23 Lecture (Vasiliou)
CHEM0104W-S23 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104X-S23 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104Y-S23 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104Z-S23 Lab (Dube)

Fall 2022

CHEM0104A-F22 Lecture (Vasiliou)
CHEM0104W-F22 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104X-F22 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104Y-F22 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104Z-F22 Lab (Dube)

Spring 2022

CHEM0104A-S22 Lecture (Vasiliou)
CHEM0104W-S22 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104X-S22 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104Y-S22 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104Z-S22 Lab (Dube)

Fall 2021

CHEM0104A-F21 Lecture (Dovey)
CHEM0104B-F21 Lecture (Dovey)
CHEM0104V-F21 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104W-F21 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104X-F21 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104Y-F21 Lab (Pratt)
CHEM0104Z-F21 Lab (Dube)

Spring 2021

CHEM0104A-S21 Lecture (Izsak)
CHEM0104W-S21 Lab (Dube)

Fall 2020

CHEM0104A-F20 Lecture (Izsak)
CHEM0104S-F20 Discussion (Izsak)
CHEM0104T-F20 Discussion (Izsak)
CHEM0104U-F20 Discussion (Izsak)
CHEM0104X-F20 Lab (Dube)

Spring 2020

CHEM0104A-S20 Lecture (Larrabee)
CHEM0104W-S20 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104X-S20 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104Y-S20 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104Z-S20 Lab (Dube)

Fall 2019

CHEM0104A-F19 Lecture (Giddings)
CHEM0104X-F19 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104Y-F19 Lab (Dube)

Spring 2019

CHEM0104A-S19 Lecture (Vasiliou)
CHEM0104W-S19 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104X-S19 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104Y-S19 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104Z-S19 Lab (Dube)

Fall 2018

CHEM0104A-F18 Lecture (Larrabee)
CHEM0104X-F18 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104Y-F18 Lab (Dube)

Spring 2018

CHEM0104A-S18 Lecture (Larrabee)
CHEM0104W-S18 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104X-S18 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104Y-S18 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104Z-S18 Lab (Dube)

Fall 2017

CHEM0104A-F17 Lecture (Giddings)
CHEM0104X-F17 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104Y-F17 Lab (Dube)

Spring 2017

CHEM0104A-S17 Lecture (Larrabee)
CHEM0104W-S17 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104X-S17 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104Y-S17 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104Z-S17 Lab (Dube)

Fall 2016

CHEM0104A-F16 Lecture (Larrabee)
CHEM0104X-F16 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104Y-F16 Lab (Dube)

Spring 2016

CHEM0104A-S16 Lecture (Vasiliou)
CHEM0104T-S16 Discussion (Vasiliou, Dube)
CHEM0104U-S16 Discussion (Vasiliou, Dube)
CHEM0104W-S16 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104X-S16 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104Y-S16 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104Z-S16 Lab (Dube)

Fall 2015

CHEM0104A-F15 Lecture (Larrabee)
CHEM0104T-F15 Discussion (Larrabee, Dube)
CHEM0104W-F15 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104X-F15 Lab (Dube)

Spring 2015

CHEM0104A-S15 Lecture (Sandwick)
CHEM0104T-S15 Discussion (Sandwick, Dube)
CHEM0104U-S15 Discussion (Sandwick, Dube)
CHEM0104W-S15 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104X-S15 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104Y-S15 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104Z-S15 Lab (Dube)

Fall 2014

CHEM0104A-F14 Lecture (Byers)
CHEM0104T-F14 Discussion (Byers, Dube)
CHEM0104W-F14 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104X-F14 Lab (Dube)
CHEM0104Z-F14 Lab

Spring 2014

CHEM0104A-S14 Lecture (Larrabee)
CHEM0104T-S14 Discussion (Larrabee, Kim)
CHEM0104U-S14 Discussion (Larrabee, Kim)
CHEM0104W-S14 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104X-S14 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104Y-S14 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104Z-S14 Lab (Kim)

Fall 2013

CHEM0104A-F13 Lecture (Vasiliou)
CHEM0104T-F13 Discussion (Vasiliou, Kim)
CHEM0104W-F13 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104Z-F13 Lab (Kim)

Spring 2013

CHEM0104A-S13 Lecture (Ames)
CHEM0104T-S13 Discussion (Ames, Kim)
CHEM0104U-S13 Discussion (Ames, Kim)
CHEM0104V-S13 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104W-S13 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104X-S13 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104Y-S13 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104Z-S13 Lab (Kim)

Fall 2012

CHEM0104A-F12 Lecture (Ames)
CHEM0104T-F12 Discussion (Kim)
CHEM0104W-F12 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104Z-F12 Lab (Kim)

Spring 2012

CHEM0104A-S12 Lecture (Larrabee)
CHEM0104T-S12 Discussion (Larrabee, Kim)
CHEM0104U-S12 Discussion (Larrabee, Kim)
CHEM0104V-S12 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104W-S12 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104X-S12 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104Y-S12 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104Z-S12 Lab (Kim)

Fall 2011

CHEM0104A-F11 Lecture (Byers)
CHEM0104T-F11 Discussion (Byers, Kim)
CHEM0104W-F11 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104Z-F11 Lab (Kim)

Spring 2011

CHEM0104A-S11 Lecture (Larrabee)
CHEM0104T-S11 Discussion (Larrabee, Kim)
CHEM0104U-S11 Discussion (Larrabee, Kim)
CHEM0104W-S11 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104X-S11 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104Y-S11 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104Z-S11 Lab (Kim)

Fall 2010

CHEM0104A-F10 Lecture (Sandwick)
CHEM0104T-F10 Discussion (Sandwick, Kim)
CHEM0104W-F10 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104Z-F10 Lab (Kim)

Spring 2010

CHEM0104A-S10 Lecture (Sontum)
CHEM0104T-S10 Discussion (Sontum, Kim)
CHEM0104U-S10 Discussion (Sontum, Kim)
CHEM0104V-S10 Discussion (Sontum, Kim)
CHEM0104W-S10 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104X-S10 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104Y-S10 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104Z-S10 Lab (Kim)

Fall 2009

CHEM0104A-F09 Lecture (Sontum)
CHEM0104T-F09 Discussion (Sontum, Kim)
CHEM0104W-F09 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104Z-F09 Lab (Kim)

Spring 2009

CHEM0104A-S09 Lecture (Sandwick)
CHEM0104T-S09 Discussion (Sandwick, Kim)
CHEM0104U-S09 Discussion (Sandwick, Kim)
CHEM0104V-S09 Discussion (Sandwick, Kim)
CHEM0104W-S09 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104X-S09 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104Y-S09 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104Z-S09 Lab (Kim)

Fall 2008

CHEM0104A-F08 Lecture (Boucher)
CHEM0104T-F08 Discussion (Boucher, Kim)
CHEM0104W-F08 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104Z-F08 Lab (Kim)

Spring 2008

CHEM0104A-S08 Lecture (Larrabee)
CHEM0104W-S08 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104X-S08 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104Y-S08 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104Z-S08 Lab (Kim)

Fall 2007

CHEM0104A-F07 Lecture (Daugherty)
CHEM0104T-F07 Discussion (Daugherty, Kim)
CHEM0104U-F07 Discussion (Daugherty, Kim)
CHEM0104W-F07 Lab (Kim)
CHEM0104Z-F07 Lab (Kim)

Spring 2007

CHEM0104A-S07 Lecture (Sontum)
CHEM0104S-S07 Discussion (Sontum, Deschaines)
CHEM0104T-S07 Discussion (Sontum, Deschaines)
CHEM0104U-S07 Discussion (Sontum, Deschaines)
CHEM0104V-S07 Discussion (Sontum, Deschaines)
CHEM0104W-S07 Lab (Deschaines)
CHEM0104X-S07 Lab (Deschaines)
CHEM0104Y-S07 Lab (Deschaines)
CHEM0104Z-S07 Lab (Deschaines)

Fall 2006

CHEM0104A-F06 Lecture (Sontum)
CHEM0104T-F06 Discussion (Sontum, Deschaines)
CHEM0104U-F06 Discussion (Sontum, Deschaines)
CHEM0104V-F06 Discussion
CHEM0104W-F06 Lab (Deschaines)
CHEM0104Y-F06 Lab (Deschaines)
CHEM0104Z-F06 Lab

Spring 2006

CHEM0104A-S06 Lecture (Larrabee)
CHEM0104T-S06 Discussion (Larrabee, Deschaines)
CHEM0104U-S06 Discussion (Larrabee, Deschaines)
CHEM0104V-S06 Discussion (Larrabee, Deschaines)
CHEM0104W-S06 Lab (Deschaines)
CHEM0104X-S06 Lab (Deschaines)
CHEM0104Y-S06 Lab (Deschaines)
CHEM0104Z-S06 Lab (Deschaines)

Fall 2005

CHEM0104A-F05 Lecture (Daugherty)
CHEM0104T-F05 Discussion (Daugherty, Deschaines)
CHEM0104W-F05 Lab (Deschaines)
CHEM0104Y-F05 Lab (Deschaines)

Spring 2005

CHEM0104A-S05 Lecture (Larrabee)
CHEM0104T-S05 Discussion (Navarre, Larrabee)
CHEM0104U-S05 Discussion (Navarre, Larrabee)
CHEM0104W-S05 Lab (Navarre)
CHEM0104X-S05 Lab (Navarre)
CHEM0104Y-S05 Lab (Navarre)
CHEM0104Z-S05 Lab (Navarre)

Fall 2004

CHEM0104A-F04 Lecture (Blank)
CHEM0104T-F04 Discussion (Blank, Navarre)
CHEM0104W-F04 Lab (Navarre)
CHEM0104Y-F04 Lab (Navarre)

Spring 2004

CHEM0104A-S04 Lecture (Sandwick)
CHEM0104T-S04 Discussion (Navarre)
CHEM0104U-S04 Discussion (Navarre)
CHEM0104V-S04 Discussion (Navarre)
CHEM0104W-S04 Lab (Navarre)
CHEM0104X-S04 Lab (Navarre)
CHEM0104Y-S04 Lab (Navarre)
CHEM0104Z-S04 Lab (Navarre)

Fall 2003

CHEM0104A-F03 Lecture (Byers)
CHEM0104T-F03 Discussion (Navarre)
CHEM0104W-F03 Lab (Navarre)
CHEM0104Y-F03 Lab (Navarre)