ART 0520

Advanced Study: Studio

Advanced Studies in Studio
Supervised independent work in studio. Studio independents are required to attend regular group critiques with the studio art faculty and the other senior studio independents. Recommendation of resident faculty member is required; admission is determined by portfolio review by all Studio Art faculty members. Students are encouraged to submit proposals the week prior to registration, but proposals will be accepted up until 5:00 p.m. the first Wednesday of the term. Contact the department coordinator to arrange for submission of portfolio. 3 hrs. lect.
Studio Art
Program in Studio Art
Requirements Fulfilled:
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Spring 2013

ART0520A-S13 Lecture (Mirling)
ART0520X-S13 Discussion (Mirling)
ART0520Y-S13 Discussion (Mirling)
ART0520Z-S13 Discussion (Mirling)

Fall 2012

ART0520A-F12 Independent Study (Mirling)
ART0520B-F12 Independent Study (Mirling)

Spring 2012

ART0520A-S12 Lecture (Butler)

Fall 2011

ART0520A-F11 Independent Study (Butler)
ART0520B-F11 Independent Study (Butler)

Spring 2011

ART0520A-S11 Lecture (Huddleston)
ART0520B-S11 Lecture (Huddleston)

Fall 2010

ART0520A-F10 Independent Study (Butler, Huddleston, Nelson)
ART0520B-F10 Independent Study (Butler, Huddleston, Nelson)

Spring 2010

ART0520A-S10 Lecture (Nelson)
ART0520B-S10 Lecture (Nelson)

Fall 2009

ART0520A-F09 Independent Study (Butler, Huddleston, Nelson)
ART0520B-F09 Independent Study (Butler, Huddleston, Nelson)

Spring 2009

ART0520A-S09 Lecture (Huddleston)
ART0520B-S09 Lecture (Huddleston)

Fall 2008

ART0520A-F08 Independent Study (Butler, Huddleston, Nelson)
ART0520B-F08 Independent Study (Butler, Huddleston, Nelson)

Spring 2008

ART0520A-S08 Lecture (Huddleston)
ART0520B-S08 Lecture (Huddleston)

Fall 2007

ART0520A-F07 Independent Study (Butler, Huddleston, Nelson)
ART0520B-F07 Independent Study (Butler, Huddleston, Nelson)

Spring 2007

ART0520A-S07 Lecture (Huddleston, Cooper, Jacobson, Klein)
ART0520B-S07 Lecture (Huddleston, Cooper, Jacobson, Klein)

Fall 2006

ART0520A-F06 Independent Study (Butler, Huddleston, Klein, Ragsdale)
ART0520B-F06 Independent Study (Butler, Huddleston, Klein, Ragsdale)

Spring 2006

ART0520A-S06 Lecture (Nelson)
ART0520B-S06 Lecture (Nelson)

Fall 2005

ART0520A-F05 Independent Study (Nelson)
ART0520B-F05 Independent Study (Nelson)

Spring 2005

ART0520A-S05 Lecture (Nelson)
ART0520B-S05 Lecture (Nelson)

Fall 2004

ART0520A-F04 Independent Study (Nelson)
ART0520B-F04 Lecture (Nelson)

Spring 2004

ART0520A-S04 Lecture (Nelson, Klein, Mantell, Nissen)
ART0520B-S04 Lecture (Nelson, Klein, Mantell, Nissen)

Winter 2004

ART0520A-W04 Lecture (Nelson)

Fall 2003

ART0520A-F03 Lecture
ART0520B-F03 Lecture