ART 0160

Studio Art II

Studio Art II: Sculpture, Painting
This course is split into two six-week segments. In the first half we will study three-dimensional concepts using clay, soap, wire, cardboard, plaster, and mixed materials. In the second segment we will introduce applied color theory through the medium of acrylic or tempera paint. Assignments will involve students with the idea of sculpture and painting as means for individual expression. Required of all art majors and minors. Junior and senior non-majors will be assigned open spaces only after art majors have been accommodated. Each section is limited to 20 students. (ART 0159 is suggested preparation for this class but is not required.) Note that many winter term courses in studio art will count as a substitute for ART 0160. 6 hrs. lect.
Studio Art
Program in Studio Art
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Spring 2010

ART0160A-S10 Lecture (Pickett)
ART0160B-S10 Lecture (Nelson)
ART0160C-S10 Lecture (Klein)

Spring 2009

ART0160A-S09 Lecture (Pickett)
ART0160B-S09 Lecture (Austin)
ART0160C-S09 Lecture (Nelson)

Spring 2008

ART0160A-S08 Lecture (Pickett)
ART0160B-S08 Lecture (Huddleston)
ART0160C-S08 Lecture (Nelson)
ART0160D-S08 Lecture (Wallner)

Spring 2007

ART0160A-S07 Lecture (Cooper)
ART0160B-S07 Lecture (Huddleston)
ART0160C-S07 Lecture (Klein)

Spring 2006

ART0160A-S06 Lecture (Nelson)
ART0160B-S06 Lecture (Huddleston)
ART0160C-S06 Lecture (Klein)
ART0160D-S06 Lecture (Cooper)

Spring 2005

ART0160A-S05 Lecture (Huddleston)
ART0160B-S05 Lecture (Nelson)
ART0160C-S05 Lecture (Blum)

Spring 2004

ART0160A-S04 Lecture (Nissen)
ART0160B-S04 Lecture (Klein)
ART0160C-S04 Lecture (Nelson)
ART0160D-S04 Lecture (Blum)