ARBC 3102

Elementary Arabic

The beginning level is designed for students with no prior knowledge of Arabic. During the first week, elementary level students sign a modified pledge allowing them to interact with their instructor in English while in class. In all other aspects of their daily life in the school, beginning level students abide by the full Language Pledge. From the first day of classes, students are exposed to authentic reading and listening materials. They engage in functional activities, often in small groups, necessary to their survival in the school community and later on in an Arab setting. Students at the elementary level are introduced to the use of Arabic computer software and to listening materials in digitized form and on the Internet. Reading assignments from Arabic sources on the Internet are also a feature of this level. Students write long compositions and make oral presentations in class in a way that makes the use of Arabic a natural process and helps students at this level blend in with students from higher levels. Students are expected to spend between four and five hours outside of class working on assignments and preparing for next day's class. (1 unit)
Language School
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Summer 2024 Language Schools

ARBC3102A-L24 Lecture (Bamanger, White)
ARBC3102B-L24 Lecture (Ben Lazreg, Chrayah)

Summer 2023 Language Schools

ARBC3102A-L23 Lecture (Al-Noubani, Mohamed)
ARBC3102B-L23 Lecture (Bamanger, Abouelgoukh)

Summer 2022 Language Schools

ARBC3102A-L22 Lecture (Hassanein, Vizthum)
ARBC3102B-L22 Lecture (Bamanger, Al-Noubani)

Summer 2021 Language Schools

ARBC3102A-L21 Lecture (Chrayah, Mohamed)
ARBC3102B-L21 Lecture (Kribaa, Bamanger)
ARBC3102C-L21 Lecture (Hassanein, Boumaaza)

Summer 2020 Language Schools

ARBC3102A-L20 Lecture (Boumaaza, Chrayah)
ARBC3102B-L20 Lecture (Albrehi, Ali, Kribaa)
ARBC3102C-L20 Lecture (Labaki, Al-Rashdan)

Summer 2019 Language Schools, Mills 8 Week Session

ARBC3102A-L19 Lecture (Hassanein, Alaoui)
ARBC3102B-L19 Lecture (Abdelrehim, Albrehi)
ARBC3102C-L19 Lecture (Kribaa, Hussein)

Summer 2018 Language Schools, Mills 8 Week Session

ARBC3102A-L18 Lecture (Blankenship, Chrayah)
ARBC3102B-L18 Lecture (Abdelrehim, Vizthum)
ARBC3102C-L18 Lecture (Hassanein, Kribaa)

Summer 2017 Language Schools, Mills 8 Week Session

ARBC3102A-L17 Lecture (Thompson, Abdelrehim)
ARBC3102B-L17 Lecture (Chrayah, El-Shamy)
ARBC3102C-L17 Lecture (El-Bakili, Hassanein)

Summer 2016 Language Schools, Mills 8 Week Session

ARBC3102A-L16 Lecture (Raish, Khamlichi)
ARBC3102B-L16 Lecture (Thompson, Chrayah)
ARBC3102C-L16 Lecture (El-Bakili, Essa)

Summer 2015 Language Schools, Mills 8 Week Session

ARBC3102A-L15 Lecture (Raish, Youssef)
ARBC3102B-L15 Lecture (Henley, Abouelgoukh)

Summer 2014 Language Schools, Mills 8 Week Session

ARBC3102A-L14 Lecture (Awad, Keener)
ARBC3102B-L14 Lecture (Arfaoui, Abouelgoukh)

Summer 2013, Mills 8 Week Session

ARBC3102A-L13 Lecture (Schatz, Arfaoui)
ARBC3102B-L13 Lecture (Raish, Essa)
ARBC3102C-L13 Lecture (Bakali, Barakat)
ARBC3102D-L13 Lecture (Ghaemmaghami, Abdelmonem)

Summer 2012, Mills 8 Week Session

ARBC3102A-L12 Lecture (El-Issa, Schatz)
ARBC3102B-L12 Lecture (Brandenburg, Djamaa)
ARBC3102C-L12 Lecture (Derwiche Djazaerly, Rhodes)

Summer 2011, Mills 8 Week Session

ARBC3102A-L11 Lecture (Abdelmonem, Koerber)
ARBC3102B-L11 Lecture (Mohamed, Barakat)
ARBC3102C-L11 Lecture (Djamaa, Olexa)

Summer 2010, Mills 9 Week Session

ARBC3102A-L10 Lecture (Trentman, Abdelmonem)
ARBC3102B-L10 Lecture (Djamaa, Karjala)
ARBC3102C-L10 Lecture (Leafgren, Metwally)
ARBC3102D-L10 Lecture (Ozgur, Barakat)

Summer 2009, Mills 9 Week Session

ARBC3102A-L09 Lecture (Trentman, Abdelmonem)
ARBC3102B-L09 Lecture (Djamaa, Karjala)
ARBC3102C-L09 Lecture (Twohig, Wali)

Summer 2008

ARBC3102A-L08 Lecture (Palmer, Khattab)
ARBC3102B-L08 Lecture (Burnham, Al-Zubaidi)

Summer 2007

ARBC3102A-L07 Lecture (Tayel, Wulfsberg)
ARBC3102B-L07 Lecture (Greeley, Familiar)

Summer 2006

ARBC3102A-L06 Lecture (Scoville, Awad)
ARBC3102B-L06 Lecture (Faiza, Abdul-Aziz)

Summer 2005

ARBC3102A-L05 Lecture
ARBC3102B-L05 Lecture

Summer 2004

ARBC3102A-L04 Lecture (Bennis, Heikkinen)
ARBC3102B-L04 Lecture (Clark, Soulaimani)