AMST 0211

Mod. American Cult. 1920-2001

Formation of Modern American Culture II: 1920-2001
A continuation of the themes addressed in AMST 0210, tracing the development of a distinctive national and international American culture between 1920 and 2001. The class will highlight the rise of modern mass culture, focusing on the emergence of new cultural forms and media, the increasingly public role played by women and racial minorities, the changing nature of the built environment, and the importance of American popular culture on the world stage. Less a survey of cultural history than an interdisciplinary examination of key issues and conflicts, the course will be organized around a variety of written, visual, and aural texts. Required of all American studies majors. 3 hrs. lect./disc.
American Studies
Program in American Studies
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AMCV 0211


Spring 2012

AMST0211A-S12 Lecture (Allen)
AMST0211B-S12 Lecture (Allen)

Spring 2011

AMST0211A-S11 Lecture (Joo)
AMST0211X-S11 Discussion (Joo)
AMST0211Y-S11 Discussion (Joo)
AMST0211Z-S11 Discussion (Joo)

Spring 2010

AMST0211A-S10 Lecture (Joo)
AMST0211X-S10 Discussion (Joo)
AMST0211Y-S10 Discussion (Joo)
AMST0211Z-S10 Discussion (Joo)

Spring 2009

AMST0211A-S09 Lecture (Allen)
AMST0211X-S09 Discussion (Allen)
AMST0211Y-S09 Discussion (Allen)
AMST0211Z-S09 Discussion (Allen)

Spring 2008

AMST0211A-S08 Lecture (Joo)
AMST0211B-S08 Lecture (Joo)

Spring 2007

AMST0211A-S07 Lecture (Cole)
AMST0211B-S07 Lecture (Cole)