AMST 0206

19th Century American Lit.

Nineteenth-Century American Literature
This course will examine major developments in the literary world of 19th century America. Specific topics to be addressed might include the transition from Romanticism to Regionalism and Realism, the origins and evolution of the novel in the United States, and the tensions arising from the emergence of a commercial marketplace for literature. Attention will also be paid to the rise of women as literary professionals in America and the persistent problematizing of race and slavery. Among others, authors may include J. F. Cooper, Emerson, Melville, Douglass, Chopin, Whitman, Dickinson, Twain, Hawthorne, Stowe, Alcott, Wharton, and James. 3 hrs. lect./disc.
American Studies
Program in American Studies
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ENAM 0206 *


Fall 2022

AMST0206A-F22 Lecture (Millier)

Fall 2021

AMST0206A-F21 Lecture (Millier)

Spring 2020

AMST0206A-S20 Lecture (Evans)

Spring 2019

AMST0206A-S19 Lecture (Evans)

Fall 2017

AMST0206A-F17 Lecture (Millier)

Spring 2017

AMST0206A-S17 Lecture (Evans)

Spring 2016

AMST0206A-S16 Lecture (Evans)

Spring 2015

AMST0206A-S15 Lecture (Millier)

Fall 2013

AMST0206A-F13 Lecture (Evans)

Spring 2013

AMST0206A-S13 Lecture (Evans)

Fall 2012

AMST0206A-F12 Lecture (Millier)

Spring 2012

AMST0206A-S12 Lecture (Evans)
AMST0206B-S12 Lecture (Evans)

Fall 2011

AMST0206A-F11 Lecture (Millier)

Spring 2011

AMST0206A-S11 Lecture (Evans)
AMST0206X-S11 Discussion (Evans)
AMST0206Y-S11 Discussion (Evans)
AMST0206Z-S11 Discussion (Evans)

Fall 2010

AMST0206A-F10 Lecture (Newbury)

Spring 2010

AMST0206A-S10 Lecture (Evans)
AMST0206B-S10 Lecture (Evans)

Fall 2009

AMST0206A-F09 Lecture (Nash)

Spring 2009

AMST0206A-S09 Lecture (Newbury)

Fall 2008

AMST0206A-F08 Lecture (Sorensen)
AMST0206X-F08 Discussion (Sorensen)
AMST0206Y-F08 Discussion (Sorensen)
AMST0206Z-F08 Discussion (Sorensen)

Spring 2008

AMST0206A-S08 Lecture (Newbury)

Fall 2007

AMST0206A-F07 Lecture (Evans)
AMST0206X-F07 Discussion (Evans)
AMST0206Y-F07 Discussion (Evans)
AMST0206Z-F07 Discussion (Evans)

Spring 2007

AMST0206A-S07 Lecture (Newbury)

Fall 2006

AMST0206A-F06 Lecture (Evans)
AMST0206X-F06 Discussion (Evans)
AMST0206Y-F06 Discussion (Evans)
AMST0206Z-F06 Discussion (Evans)