AMST 0203

Media, Sports, & Identity

Media, Sports, & Identity
In this course we will examine the relationship between media, sports, and the formulation of one’s identity. We will examine issues pertaining to gender identification, violence, and hero worship. Reading critical essays on the subject, studying media coverage of sporting events, and writing short analytical essays will enable us to determine key elements concerning how sports are contextualized in American culture. Student essays will form the basis of a more in-depth inquiry that each student will then present, using media, at the end of the course. (Not open to students who have taken WRPR 1002)
American Studies
Program in American Studies
Requirements Fulfilled:
Equivalent Courses:
WRPR 1002 *
WRPR 0203 *


Fall 2023

AMST0203A-F23 Lecture

Fall 2022

AMST0203A-F22 Lecture (Vila)

Fall 2021

AMST0203A-F21 Lecture (Vila)

Spring 2020

AMST0203A-S20 Seminar (Vila)

Fall 2019

AMST0203A-F19 Lecture (Vila)

Winter 2018

AMST0203A-W18 Lecture (Vila)

Winter 2016

AMST0203A-W16 Lecture (Vila)

Winter 2015

AMST0203A-W15 Lecture (Vila)

Fall 2013

AMST0203A-F13 Lecture (Vila)

Fall 2011

AMST0203A-F11 Lecture (Vila)

Winter 2011

AMST0203A-W11 Seminar (Vila)

Spring 2010

AMST0203A-S10 Seminar (Vila)
AMST0203B-S10 Seminar (Vila)

Fall 2008

AMST0203A-F08 Seminar (Vila)

Spring 2008

AMST0203A-S08 Seminar (Vila)