CMLT 0237

Israel-Palestine Conflict

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in Literature and Film
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been the subject of diverse cultural productions from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day. In this course we will look at the representation of the conflict in Palestinian and Israeli literature and film, exploring the ways in which images, metaphors, and narratives shape and reflect political realities. The course will include the historical evolution of the conflict, and will introduce students to theoretical concepts of use in analyzing political issues through a cultural lens. We will also examine the intersections of the geo-political conflict with gender, sexuality, ethnicity and religion as represented in cinematic and literary works. Class materials will include the films, Hill 24 Doesn’t Answer, The Time that Remains, The Lemon Tree, The Bubble, and Avenge but One of My Two Eyes, as well as works of poetry and prose by authors, Hayim Guri, Natan Aleterman, Dalia Rabikovitch, Amos Oz, Mahmood Darwish, Adania Shibli, Sayed Kashua, and Others.
Comparative Literature
Comparative Literature
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IGST 0237
HEBM 0237 *
JWST 0237

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