ARBC 2320J

Intro to Jordanian Arabic

Jordanian Colloquial Arabic
This course introduces students to colloquial Jordanian Arabic. Units begin with expressions and commonly used vocabulary, moving on to more complex conversations as we explore a variety of daily life topics in Jordan. Students will build fluency through oral practice, listening, studying vocabulary and grammatical structures, and a weekly meeting with Jordanian language partners. Authentic material will enhance the learning experience and broaden students’ cultural knowledge. Students will also get a glimpse of Moroccan Arabic in joint sessions with the course in Morocco. (ARBC 0202)
Middlebury Schools Abroad
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MSAB 2320J

Sections in Spring 2022, SA UGs Full Term

Spring 2022, SA UGs Full Term

ARBC2320JA-S22 Lecture (Study Abroad, AlHindi, Wilsch)
ARBC2320JB-S22 Lecture (Study Abroad, AlHindi, Wilsch)