GSFS 0218

Gender & Public Policy in U.S.

Gender and Public Policy in the U.S.
How does public policy help shape our lived experiences of gender in the U.S.? How does the gender identity of policymakers impact political systems and decision-making? How might analyzing policy through a gendered lens lead to more equitable and effective outcomes? In this course we will explore these questions through a series of case studies, historical and current examples, guest speakers from many public policy roles, and a collaborative policymaking project. Taught by a Vermont state senator, the course will give students insight into how they can engage in the processes of making public policy both as citizens and in their future careers, as well as calling attention to how gendered norms and practices are interwoven with American laws and institutions. 3 hrs. lect.
Gender Sexuality &Fem. Studies
PrgGender/Sexuality/Fem. Study
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