MSAB 2366

Gender Studies in France

Gender Studies in France: History, Theories, Feminist Performances (In French)
This course offers an introductory and multidisciplinary approach to gender studies in the French context. It traces the history of feminist struggles and theories (first, second, third, fourth waves), explains the stakes of the critique of "phallogocentrism" and "male domination", and studies the different points of view. The gender issues raised by recent laws regarding religious demonstrations in the public space, marriage for all, and prostitution are examined. Finally, the analysis of political demands is based on poetic and artistic works which are capable of re-focusing language and perspective, and ultimately subverting gender norms.
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FREN 2366 *

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Spring 2021

MSAB2366A-S21 Seminar (Frantz de Spot, Paoli)