SPAN 2330

Socio-Cultural Changes Spain

Socio-cultural Changes in Spain: An Anthropological Perspective ( in Spanish)
The objective of the program is to bring students closer to the knowledge of anthropology through the presentation of studies on Spanish culture and society. The different topics will be approached from the perspective of Social and Cultural Anthropology, emphasizing the cultural diversity that characterizes Spain. We will begin by analyzing the concept of culture and its relevance to anthropology, and we will provide a common theoretical base from which all students can follow the development of the course. We will deal specifically with three topics: urban anthropology, family anthropology, and cultural diversity and immigration.
Spanish (& Portuguese UG)
Middlebury Schools Abroad
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Equivalent Courses:
MSAB 2330
ANTH 2330 *

Sections in Spring 2021, SA UGs Full Term

Spring 2021

SPAN2330A-S21 Lecture (Bueno Sarduy)