GSFS 0305

Holocaust/Exile in Translation

The Holocaust and Exile in Translation
For decades, readers across the globe have learned about the atrocities of the Holocaust through translation. Translators have brought us testimonials, and accounts about imprisonment, life in concentration camps, exile, resistance, and survival during World War II in a wide variety of languages. In this course we will study how translators and publishers have shaped this vibrant literature according to the priorities of different cultural and linguistic communities. Combining theory and praxis, we will analyze the multilingual journeys of influential works such as The Diary of Anne Frank and Elie Wiesel’s Night through a translation studies lens. Students will also translate texts from various genres including autobiography, children’s and young adult literature, subtitle audiovisual testimonial footage and film and get a first exposure to simultaneous interpretation. (Advanced skills in one language in addition to English required). 3 hrs. lect.
Gender Sexuality &Fem. Studies
PrgGender/Sexuality/Fem. Study
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LNGT 0305 *

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Spring 2018

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