GEOG 0326

GIS: Environmental Sci & Mgmt

GIS Applications in Environmental Science and Management
GIS has become an important tool for supporting spatial decisions in environmental science and management. In this course we will explore applications of GIS related to current ecological and social issues such as biodiversity conservation, invasive species, and watershed management. Students will discuss articles highlighting the benefits and limitations of GIS in conducting meaningful scientific research to inform real-world management problems. Students will gain hands-on experience with GIS in the lab and in the field, collecting environmental data, conducting spatial analyses, and using results to test hypotheses and guide the decision-making process. The course will end with a student defined research project. (GEOG 0120) 3 hrs. lect./3 hrs. lab
Social Sciences
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Fall 2017

GEOG0326A-F17 Lecture (Dreiss)
GEOG0326Z-F17 Lab (Dreiss)