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TRLM 8548

Principles of Translation

The purpose of this course is to acquaint participants with a basic model of translation that, when properly applied, will enable them to improve their own translation capabilities as well as knowledgeably and effectively manage the characteristic types of externalities associated with executing translation projects and requests while developing greater confidence in their ability to evaluate various types of translation deliverables. The course is introductory in nature and is, therefore, intended primarily for people without a great deal of translation knowledge or experience. The theoretical aspects of the course will be reinforced by practical exercises and discussion, with somewhat more time spent on the latter. The last few sessions of the course will be devoted to completing a translation practicum designed to allow participants to apply basic translation principles to the translation into English of a constellation of language-specific texts elaborating a core theme taken from vital current events.
TI - Localization Management
Translation & Interpretation
Transltn, Interpret & Lang Edu
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Fall 2021 - MIIS

TRLM8548A-F21 Lecture (Gillen)
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