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WKSH 8587

Participatory Policy Process

How can policy processes be improved by involving greater public participation? This workshop explores the idea and possibilities of how more public involvement can contribute to improved policy processes and, ultimately, to more effective and legitimate governance and development. This question becomes relevant as the conventional representative and top down policy making processes and systems are questioned in the face of the increasing diversity, growing political polarization, and increasing disillusionment with governance.

The workshop is designed for students who wish to explore participatory processes and relevant tools in various policy areas such as health, education, environment, budgeting etc; in various levels and contexts, including local, national, international and global; as well as in various stages of policy process including agenda setting, formulation, program/project design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. Examples of various innovations in policy processes from different countries and settings will help us explore the subject in greater depth.

The questions to be explored in this workshop include the following: What is participatory policy? Why is it important? How does participatory approach to policy process work in practice and in different contexts? What are the conditions, obstacles, and possibilities for this approach to contribute to improved goverance and social outcomes? What are the strengths and limitations of conventional and participatory approaches to policy processes and how can we optimize the strengths of both and limit their drawbacks?
International Policy
Intl Policy & Management
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