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TRLM 8653

Leading Global Teams

This is a course about developing as a leader who guides teams that operate in global contexts. We will explore models of leadership and leadership styles, teams and team dynamics, and the realities of working, communicating, and developing ourselves and our colleagues interculturally - with a particular interest in strategies and practices for leading with little or no formal authority. As such, we will focus on building our individual capacities to observe, reflect, and analyze; seek out and absorb new knowledge and perspectives; connect and engage extemporaneously; and manage on-going multifaceted projects.
Translation & Loc Mgmt
Translation & Loc Mgmt
Transltn, Interpret & Lang Edu
Requirements Fulfilled:


Summer 2024 - MIIS

TRLM8653A-L2-24 Online (Fordos)

Summer 2023 - MIIS

TRLM8653A-L2-23 Online (Fordos)

Summer 2022 - MIIS

TRLM8653A-L2-22 Online (Fordos)

Fall 2021 - MIIS

TRLM8653A-F21 Online (Fordos)