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TICH 8655

Intrp for the United Nations

Interpreting for the United Nations

This course is designed to provide a more advanced training in English-Chinese and Chinese-English simultaneous interpretation for the United Nations. This 30-hour (current MIIS students will get 2 credits) intensive training will mainly focus on speeches selected from meetings and conferences of the United Nations headquarters in New York, with a small portion from other international organizations. This online course will consist of discussions of the basic principles, concepts and strategies of interpretation, student interpreting in class and comments and feedback by the instructor. Students are required to prepare for the course by reading on topics commonly discussed at the United Nations, and familiarizing themselves with concepts and terminologies under each topic. Extensive practice after class will also be required.

The course will be completed in the first ten weeks of the spring semester of 2022, with 2 hours of class for each week, plus two 5-hour weekend workshops.

TI - Chinese
Translation & Interpretation
Transltn, Interpret & Lang Edu
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Spring 2022 - MIIS, MIIS Workshop

TICH8655A-S22 Lecture (Bao)