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TIAG 8660

Prep-UN Interpreting LCE Exam

The main purpose of this course is to prepare students for the UN Language Competitive Examination (LCE). The workshop is targeted to second year T&I students from the Spanish and French program. The workshop will cover the requirements to be called to do the LCE and the format of the exam. Then we will proceed with basic information on the UN to expand our knowledge of the organization (mission, organs, Charter) and we will cover the basic UN webpages for documentation (i.e., UN web TV, UN radio, UN Term). The next part of the workshop will be hands-on; we will hold a series of mock exams simulating the conditions of the LCE and the types of speeches that candidates will face in the LCE. We will mainly focus on speeches from the General Debate of the General Assembly, analyzing their structure, terminology and content. In addition, we will focus on organizing the UN speeches in a methodical manner so students can have a structured way of preparing for the UN LCE exam.
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Spring 2020 - MIIS, MIIS Workshop

TIAG8660A-S20 Lecture (Carbonell Aguero)