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NPTG 8611

SEM: Teaching Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is becoming a concern for everyone, and not just for our national security cyber professionals. Whether we want to protect our own personal devices and information, or help our employees develop proper cyber hygiene and safety protocols, we need to learn the vocabulary, concepts and basic techniques that cybersecurity specialists take for granted. This seminar has a unique format. In the first half of the semester, students will study basic cybersecurity vocabulary, different types of malware and attack vectors, cyber-enabled financial fraud, and countermeasures, including basic multi-factor authentication, more sophisticated passive and active methods of intrusion detection, and symmetric and asymmetric encryption. While learning all of this content, students will think about how such content can be most effectively absorbed via multi-media platforms and techniques. In the second half of the semester, each student will produce training module in a medium of their choice. Numerous training skills will be honed, including effective vocal narration techniques, podcast production, filming and/or animation skills, and video editing. The goal will be to produce cybersecurity training content for the larger Middlebury community.
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Nonproliferatn&Terrorsm Stdies
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Fall 2018 - MIIS

NPTG8611A-F18 Seminar (Ruehsen)
NPTG8611B-F18 Seminar (Ruehsen)