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NPTG 8567

The IAEA and Nuclear Politics

The objective of this Workshop is to study the IAEA as a key component of the multilateral framework relating to nuclear issues. The Workshop will trace the historical evolution of the Agency since US President Eisenhower's Atoms for Peace address to the UNGA in 1953, study its relationship with the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) which propelled the IAEA to the center of global political focus, and examine the issues that dominate the Agency’s current agenda. These issues include current deliberations on safeguards and verification, determinations of related non-compliance, the debates surrounding peaceful uses and the technical cooperation program, proposals on “assurance of supply” and the renewal of emphasis on nuclear safety and security.

The Workshop will also examine the dynamics of the policy-making organs of the Agency such as the Board of Governors and the General Conference. This includes the political and diplomatic interaction among the Member States of the Agency - the Western States, developing states of the G77 and the Non-Aligned Group , and the Arab group in implementing the “three pillars” of the mandate of the Agency: safeguards and verification , promotion of peaceful uses and safety and security. The Workshop will also examine whether the IAEA continues to remain a consensus –based organization characterized by the harmonious “spirit of Vienna”, or whether there is a gradual polarization of interests in an Organization which was established for the “technical” purpose of promoting nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

This Workshop is recommended for students who wish to study the role of the IAEA in global nuclear issues , as well as for students who wish to develop an insight into the related diplomatic and political interactions. Students who are seeking a career/internship in an international organization will also benefit from the topical and functional emphasis of this course.

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