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NPTG 8540


Globalization, Terrorism and Fourth Generation Warfare

How does globalization change the nature of terrorism and create a global counterinsurgency campaign, also known as fourth generation warfare? What are the connections between organizations, conflict regions, and the developed world?

This course will focus on the global aspects of counterterrorism and counter insurgency policy by focusing on a series of modules that disaggregates globalization processes:

1. migration, immigration and the movement of people,

2. international markets and financing,

3. global communications, and

4. the connections between international relations, foreign-policy, and extremist organizations.

Skill development focuses on policy evaluation and analysis, briefings and presentation, collaborative project management, and simulated negotiation and policy making.

Nonproliferatn&Terrorsm Stdies
Nonproliferatn&Terrorsm Stdies
Intl Policy & Management
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Spring 2018 - MIIS

NPTG8540A-S18 Lecture (Lewis)