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MPAG 8644

Sem:ProgramEvaluation for SCOs

This course will introduce different aspects of Program Evaluation in the first half of the semester. In the second half, students will conduct an evaluation in the field. Students will evaluate selected programs in organizations in the Monterey Bay area. The goals of the course include: a) understanding the process of evaluation; b) gaining familiarity with evaluation concepts, techniques and issues; c) choosing among different alternatives for conducting development evaluations, including data collection, analysis and reporting; and, d) designing an evaluation. We will have specific sessions on the following topics: a) evaluation models; b) new development evaluation approaches; c) impact, descriptive and normative evaluation designs; d) data collection and sampling; e) data analysis and interpretation; e) building a performance-based evaluation; and f) political, social and economic contexts of evaluation.
Public Administration
Public Administration
Intl Policy & Management
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Equivalent Courses:
DPPG 8644 *
IPOL 8644