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MPAG 8618

Sem:Grassroots Ldrshp Devlpmnt

Through readings, case studies, field projects and contact with grassroots leaders, students will learn about the ecology of grassroots organizations; factors that contribute to effective grassroots leadership; strategies for leader development; and strategies to build grassroots organizational capacity. The purpose of this seminar is to prepare students to support, lead, analyze, manage, or govern grassroots social change organizations. The specific objectives are as follows:

a) Develop an understanding of existing theories and models of leadership and topics of relevance to grassroots leadership.

b) To analyze a grassroots organization in terms of patterns of relationships between the leaders and their environment by collecting and analyzing empirical data including recommendations for change.

c) To prepare a report on the case study, including the theory, data collection, data analysis, findings and recommendations sections.

d) To organize a public symposium and present their findings in partnership with the grassroots organizations.

Public Administration
Public Administration
Intl Policy & Management
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