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LING 8640

Applied Linguistics Research

Requires original research to be conducted by the student on issues such as language attitudes, cultural variables, language learning, or other topics from sociolinguistics and second language acquisition. Introduces a range of research methods, including exposure to various data collection and analysis procedures in both the qualitative and quantitative research traditions.
Language Education
Transltn, Interpret & Lang Edu
Requirements Fulfilled:


Spring 2018 - MIIS

LING8640A-S18 Lecture (Sawin)

Fall 2017 - MIIS

LING8640A-F17 Lecture (Avineri)

Spring 2017 - MIIS

LING8640A-S17 Lecture (Lee)

Fall 2016 - MIIS

LING8640A-F16 Lecture (Avineri)