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JALA 8312

Japanese Society & Culture

This course is designed to help students develop intermediate/advanced Japanese skills while deepening the understanding of the Japanese society and culture. The course aims to enhance four communication skills holistically with particular emphasis placed on oral communication. Students will read topics on various aspects of Japanese society and culture in class; discuss the topics and exchange opinions/views to improve oral communication skills. Students also write their views/opinions regularly in class and as assignments. Some intermediate and advanced grammar, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, and kanji are focused on to increase the accuracy and fluency of the speech/writing and to facilitate the understanding of the reading/listening. In addition to the above, intercultural understanding will be facilitated through group/individual research and discussion. Students are assumed to know at least 500 most frequently used kanji and their combinations and to have good foundation of major grammar structures.
Language & Intercultural Study
Transltn, Interpret & Lang Edu
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