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IPSG 8625

SEM: Cross-Strait Relations

This course seeks to examine the political economy that has shaped the cross-strait relations between mainland China and Taiwan since 1949, with particular emphasis on the last two decades, and the evolution and the future prospects of Cross-Strait relations. The course focuses on two core themes (1) an analysis of PRC and Taiwan’s domestic institutions, politics and policy related to cross-strait relations and (2) analysis of Cross-Strait relations. The session on PRC and Taiwan’s domestic politics and policy will address a variety of issues, including China’s domestic decision-making process, its foreign policy toward Taiwan, China’s defense policy toward Taiwan, nationalism, Taiwan democratic transition, Taiwan’s party and electoral politics, the quality of its democracy, competing national identities in Taiwan’s politics, the role of new social movements and the formulation of public policy under democracy. The sessions on Cross-Strait relations will examine topics such as the nature and sources of political conflict across the Strait, the security dilemma facing the two sides, the increasing economic integration across the Strait and its impact on security, the role of the U.S. in the dyadic relationship, and prospects for political reconciliation between the PRC and Taiwan.

This course will feature a week-long field research and language immersion in Shanghai and Taipei (March 16-March 24, 2013). Students will take this opportunity to conduct interviews and collect primary source data for their respective research project related to Cross-Strait relations. Students will acquire the cultural, social, and business skills necessary to communicate on a daily basis with the public and professional community through an intensive one-week immersion in Taipei and Shanghai. The program offers not only seminars and roundtable discussions in collaboration with the most prestigious educational institutions such as Fudan University and National Chengchi University, but also extensive interactions with international companies and government offices in the two cities. Discussion and seminar topics will cover the history, politics, security, economics, and business aspects of cross-strait relations.

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