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IPSG 8607


The story:

In this course, you will role-play the project leader/team of a new production venture outside the US. It is 2004, and your jeans manufacturing company (Levi’s or similar company) finds that US production is no longer competitive with overseas production, as trade barriers and transportation costs fall. You will compete for the position of “Overseas production coordinator,” then research, negotiate, finance, and manage the firm’s overseas production center. This will, of course, require detailed knowledge and analysis of national laws, culture, macroeconomic and trade policies, regulatory environment, and other factors of importance in both business and policy analysis.

For MBA students, the class provides an opportunity to put into practice your previous classroom exposure to accounting, economics, finance, and operations principles. The course counts as a seminar for TID students, but rather than reading and discussing scholarly articles, it requires hands-on research, management, negotiations, and collaboration. Dual degree students (MBA and TID in particular) are especially welcome, there will be numerous opportunities to integrate materials from their different programs.

International Policy Studies
International Policy Studies
Intl Policy & Management
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