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IPOL 8675

Sem:Nuc Renaissance& Nonprolif

This seminar introduces students to the nonproliferation and terrorism issues associated with the anticipated global spread of nuclear energy. It begins with an overview of the nuclear technologies currently being promoted under the rubric of the "nuclear renaissance," and the implications for the demand for sensitive fuel cycle services. Various policy proposals to control the proliferation and terrorism risks posed by the front end (enrichment) and back end (reprocessing) of the nuclear fuel cycle will then be examined, including the possible internationalization of fuel cycle services. The course will then turn to an examination of new technologies, such as new reprocessing techniques, new reactor types, and new fuels such as thorium, that have been proposed as ways to limit proliferation risks. Particular focus will be paid to the implications of new proposals for IAEA safeguards.
International Policy
International Policy
Intl Policy & Management
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