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IPOL 8665

Sem: Climate & Development

This seminar explores emerging thinking and practice about climate resilient, low carbon development paths. The course is in three parts. After examining the economic challenges posed by climate change, Part I defines “climate resilient development” and probes design principles and alternative models. Part II examines the challenge of financing transitions to climate resilient, low-carbon development and considers public, private, and public-private initiatives at multiple scales (from global adaptation funds to micro-asset investors). Part III explores methodologies for selecting climate resilience among alternative investment options and examines case studies of climate resilient development at the project, city, sector, and national levels. The case studies highlight the roles of public policy and multi-stakeholder collaborative governance. The course consists of one third professor lecture, one third guest speakers, and one third student-led discussions and exercises. Students will produce a case study of climate resilient development and participate in a class debate.
International Policy
International Policy
Intl Policy & Management
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