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IPOL 8627

Sem:Militant Islamic Movements

This seminar is designed to provide a survey of various militant Islamic organizations – “gradualist” Islamist organizations that do not rely mainly on waging armed jihad, jihadist organizations that rely primarily on violence and terrorism, and other types of fundamentalist or Islamist organizations that do not fall clearly into either category – and is specifically intended for graduate students who have already taken lecture-oriented undergraduate or graduate courses dealing with terrorism. The class will be divided into two separate portions. In the first portion, the lectures and readings will focus on the basic tenets of Islam; an overview of Islamic history; the distinction between Islamic fundamentalism, political Islam, and Islamism; and important examples of the different types of Islamist organizations noted above in particular regions. Given the threat that such Islamist networks and their supporters currently pose to the security of the West, Russia, India, various states in Asia, and moderate Muslims everywhere, it is necessary for every student interested in contemporary subversion and terrorism to become much more knowledgeable about key Islamist and jihadist groups, their agendas, and their tactics. During the second portion of the course, each student will give an oral report in class to present and analyze his or her research findings, which will then be discussed by the entire class. Near the end of this second portion of the class, if not earlier, students must submit their completed research papers.
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