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IPOL 8616

Environmntal Conflict Mgmt

Environmental conflicts continue to rise in frequency and intensity across much of the world as populations grow and natural resources dwindle. The growing number of "resource wars" has convinced scholars and government leaders alike that environmental factors are critical to international security. Despite increased attention to the role that natural resources play in conflicts, a crippling information gap persists. Scholars know surprisingly little about the conditions under which fisheries, forests, wildlife, water, and other resources lead to (or exacerbate) conflict, let alone the best ways to prevent or resolve such conflicts. Growing demand exists for professionals who can analyze root causes of these conflicts and apply tools for resolving them. This course helps fill that demand. Using lectures, case studies, role plays, and simulations, it trains students in techniques for analyzing and resolving natural resource disputes worldwide.
International Policy
International Policy
Intl Policy & Management
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