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IPOL 8603

Sem:Asia's Dvlopmnt Challenges

Rapid economic growth in Asia lead to a wide discussion and sometimes emulation of the "Asian Miracle." Asia's growth was noteworthy not just for its pace, but for the accompanying improvements in social indicators (education, life expectancy, etc.). Yet challenges to its sustainability have been brought by economists, environmentalists, and other social scientists. New problems, from the 1997-98 financial crisis to the 2001 trade recession, are emerging in both the "miracle" countries and those who were left behind by the recent wave of growth. In this course, we will address questions such as: How can development policies in Asia be adjusted to make growth more sustainable? How should different Asian countries, at different levels of development, respond to challenges such as poverty alleviation, governance, financial development, the IT revolution, and regional cooperation? What lessons can be learned from high-growth Asian countries, and can and should they be applied to developing countries in Asia and other regions?
International Policy
International Policy
Intl Policy & Management
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