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IPOL 8588

Water and Conflict

Human beings cannot survive without water. Water is a basic need. Scarcity or depletion of water resources, as is the case on our planet today, means there is almost certainly a situation of ‘the haves vs. the have-nots’. Those who exercise their power to control resources use a variety of tools to ensure their access to water and often do so at the cost of depriving others of their basic need and human right. Conflict invariably follows. And while a natural conclusion is that these conflicts will invariably turn violent, the fact is that we have not really had water wars. Why?

In this course, students will explore a variety of social issues that are intertwined in conflicts over water. Through case studies, students will further their understanding of water conflicts and the reason behind how and why potential water wars are transformed through various dispute resolution and conflict management processes.

International Policy
International Policy
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